Apartments and parking garage, Mánatún, Iceland

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Mánatún 3-17, apartment buildings and parking garage in Reykjavík.

About this Project

ÍAV and Mánatún


Reykjavík, Iceland

Kanon architects


The project's objective 

The apartment complex at Mánatún 3-17 in Reykjavik, was divided into two building phases. Phase one was the building at Mánatún 3-5 and phase two was Mánatún 7-17. Each phase was designed separately, one after the other. The complex is approximately 24,000  m2 of residential buildings and approximately 9,000 m2 of underground parking garage.

The parking garage has 305 parking spaces on two levels. On top of the garage is a deck/patio garden. The structural system consists of concrete walls and columns. The roof is a post tensioned slab with distributed tendons (Monostrands) in one direction and post tensioned beams in the other direction. A water tight layer is on top of the slab and asphalt layer on top of that. Various plants and benches make for a relaxing area. The slab on grade is partially cast in place concrete and partially asphalt.

Mánatún 3-5 has 59 apartments on 6-9 levels as well as 1-2 levels below grade with storage units. The building has cast-in-place concrete foundation, slabs, walls, columns and beams. The balconies and some stairs are precast. The building is insulated and clad on the outside. The roof is conventional up-side-down roof with gravel on top.

Mánatún 7-17 has 89 apartments on 6-10 levels as well as 1-2 levels below grade with storage units. The total area of the building is 14.300 m2. The structure has cast-in-place foundation, slabs, walls, columns and beams. The balconies and some stairs are precast.

EFLA's tasks in Mánatún 7-17

Among EFLA's tasks was the design of floating floors to minimize impact noise between dwellings, noise control from technical service 

(f.ex. elevator, air handling units and pipes) and acoustical design for common rooms in the building. Special considerations were given to sound insulation of windows, facade and screens, in accordance with results from a noise map, conducted by EFLA, due to traffic in the vicinity of the building.

Due to the size of the parking lot in the basements, special considerations were given to the tunnel-mouth, vibration from cars and the drainage system.

Acoustics between the buildings were considered since they make a U shape port.

Lighting systems were designed according to high standards and the aim is to create comfortable and efficient lighting.

EFLA's tasks in Mánatún 3-17

The Mánatún project was built to a high standard and all the apartments are luxurious. The prerequisite for all designs was therefore high quality. 

All sanitary water systems are heat controlled for safety and equipped with a circulation system to minimize hot water stall-time. Pipe material selection and insulation techniques were also specific to these demands. All the apartments have floor heating systems. All buildings have fully ventilated basements, some on two levels. The parking garage is also fully ventilated and equipped with a fire-safety system (sprinkler).

In the first phase (Mánatún 3-5), all the apartments have an exhaust system, as required by the Icelandic building code. In phase two (Mánatún 7-17), all apartments are fully ventilated with both a supply and exhaust, the first Icelandic residential building complex to be equipped as such. Air change in all the apartments is therefore guaranteed and over-pressurized apartments limit contamination of smell between apartments.

To minimize noise from outdoor equipment on balconies and roof parks, a computerized three-dimensional acoustical map was made of the entire complex. Thus, selection and positioning of roof fans could be done with the best outdoor acoustics in mind.

EFLA's role

  • Structural design
  • Electrical design
  • Security systems lighting design
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning design
  • Plumbing design
  • Acoustic design
  • Fire safety design