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Nattland school

Nattland - school and kindergarten, Norway

Nattland school in Bergen, Norway, is for children in kindergarten age up to 16 years of age. The total size of the new school is 11.500 m2

EFLA participated in the project in various aspects of the building's design. 

Bláa Lónið

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal seawater spa that is situated in a lava field south of Reykjavík and is one of the best-known places in Iceland.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has worked on numerous engineering design and consultancy at the Blue Lagoon over the years.

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber, Lighting design

The Debating Chamber in the Scottish Parliament effectively functions as a TV studio during parliamentary business. At other times it is presented to visitors as a fine architectural space. The project brief was to review the existing lighting, which was expensive and difficult to maintain. The installed fittings were also obsolete and new HDTV cameras required improved lighting to maintain broadcasting standards. 

Scott Monument

Scott Monument, Lighting design, Scotland

The intricate Scott Monument in the centre of Edinburgh is over 170 years old, has 287 steps, and is a stunning feature of the Edinburgh skyline. KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was chosen to provide this beautiful Gothic structure with the lighting that both it and the City of Edinburgh deserves.
Kipco tower

KIPCO Tower, Lighting design, Kuwait

KIPCO Tower (formerly known as United Tower) is one of a cluster of tall buildings in Kuwait City. The client wanted the facade lighting to provide the tower with a clear, dynamic night-time identity and make it stand out from its neighbours.

Kelvin Hall

Kelvin Hall, Lighting design

Kelvin Hall, one of Glasgow's most recognisable structures, was given an extensive refurbishment and development by Page\Park Architects, Harley Haddow and Graven Images. KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was brought in to design the lighting for the ‘avenue', a long corridor stretching nearly the length of the building, the reception, the cafe, and exterior identity lighting.

Lighting design - Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh

KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was appointed by the City of Edinburgh Council to prepare a lighting design strategy for the Boroughmuir High School at Edinburgh Quay, located at the heart of the Fountainbridge regeneration plan. Our concept comprises the internal and external lighting to the atrium, entrance hall, lower atrium, entrance and facade lighting.


Lighting design - 191 West George Street, Glasgow

This project is the redevelopment of an existing office building at 191 West George Street to create a new entrance sequence, replacing a dated atrium that has been recovered to provide additional lettable floor space.


Lighting design - 180 West George Street, Glasgow

180 West George Street is located in the heart of Glasgow. It provides high quality spaces for offices and headquarters. Visitors and passers by are greeted with the impressive triple height reception lobby, with lighting designed byKSLD | EFLA Lighting Design.


Wastewater treatment plant

The project involved the design of a wastewater treatment plant for the town of Akureyri as well as an environmental impact assessment of the project and various advice on licensing and assessment of the recipient of the wastewater.

PCC Bakki

Silicon metal plant - PCC Bakki

In 2015 PCC started construction for a silicon metal plant in Bakki located in the municipality of Norðurþing in the northern part of Iceland. The operation commenced in 2018. SMS Group and M+W Germany are responsible for the construction.

EFLA designed the buildings in Bakki, supplied a design and building manager and is part of the site management team.


Raufarhólshellir – development of the lava tunnel

The project included design and assistance with development of the Raufarhólshellir cave and surrounding area for tourism. The parking lot was expanded, a service building was built together with all necessary facilities, and trails, pelts and lighting designed inside the cave. 

Nursery home - Egilsstaðir

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Dyngja, a 40-resident nursery home in Egilsstaðir. 

Landsbankinn lysedesign

High class LED with traditional functions - Landsbankinn

Creativity played an important role when Landsbankinn's branch in Reykjanesbær needed new lighting. EFLAS's work during the period of August 2012 to April 2013, resulted in a mixed solution of the latest LED fittings combined with traditional recessed solutions. 

Lysebruen Kópavogur 5

The light bridge in Kópavogur

The bridge in Fífuhvammsvegur connects Iceland's largest shopping mall, Smáralind, with the commercial and office tower at Smáratorg plaza. The area is densely populated and this zone is one of Iceland's busiest.

The lighting design's main objective was to enrich the bridge and its surroundings with appealing warmth and decoration lighting. Therefore, the design is programmable and colour and intensity can be adapted for different intention. 


Substation Klafastaðir

The substation is a Static Var Compensator (SVC) installation, meant to regulate voltage fluctuation and increase the power quality of the 220 kV transmission system at the site. This is done with reactors and capacitors controlled with power electronics (thyristors) operating in the range of -100/150 MVAr. The SVC installation is the first part of a 400/220 kV substation scheduled to be built in the future. 


Ellingsen headquarters

Ellingsen is an Icelandic retail company that specializes in traveling, outdoor activities and hunting products. The company was founded in 1916 in Reykjavík and has been a cornerstone in Icelandic retail history ever since. In 2006, Ellingsen built new headquarters at Fiskislóð 1 in Reykjavík. 

EFLA designed various systems for the building, including the sanitary-, heating-, drainage-, cooling-, ventilation-, snow melting-, and pressurized air systems. 

Hljóðhönnun á Höfðatorgi

Höfðatorg multi-storey office building

EFLA Consulting Engineers oversaw the acoustical design of Höfðatorg. Fire safety and fire system design straties for the car park and risk analysis and fire design.

Sigurrós Stúdíó

Sigur Rós's rehearsal space

EFLA participated in the design of a new studio for the band Sigur Rós, where specialists from EFLA's acoustics department implemented a universal design of the room acoustics.

Children's psychiatric centre

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a facility for children and teenagers with psychiatric problems. 

The building's upper floors include offices and the reception, whereas the ground floor has wards and a cafeteria. A footbridge connects the building to an existing older building and overlooks a small pond. 

Snæfellsstofa - BREEAM

Skriðuklaustur visitor centre

Located in southeast Iceland's 12,000 km² Vatnajökull National Park, the Skriðuklaustur visitor centre serves both as a display and conference centre. Vatnajökull National Park occupies about 12% of Iceland's total landmass and is Europe's largest national park.

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a critical range of systems used in the visitor centre's structure. 


Lágafell sports centre

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Lágafell Sports Center at Mosfellsbær. The sports center consists of a sports hall (33m x 18m), an indoor swimming pool (17m x 10m), an outdoor swimming pool (25m x 12.5m), hot tubs, water slides, locker rooms and shower facilities, a gym and reception area.

The total floor area is around 4.000 m2.

Apartments and parking garage, Mánatún, Iceland

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Mánatún 3-17, apartment buildings and parking garage in Reykjavík.


Structural design, college

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a 1.950 m2 annex to Breiðholt College in Iceland, including 12 class rooms as well as the school's canteen. 

The building is on three levels. A connecting walkway on three levels connects the building extension to the existing school building.

Assessment of traffic noise, Norway

EFLA made assessments on traffic noise in various areas of Rogaland state in Norway on behalf of Statens Vegvesen which is the Norwegian Road Administration.

Stífla Kárahnjúkavirkjunar

Design of all concrete structures, Kárahnjúkar Dam

The main objective of this project was to detail design all concrete structures of the Kárahnjúkar Dam and issue associated construction drawings. The dam is by far the largest hydroelectric power in Iceland.


Footbridge at Ullevaal stadium, Norway

EFLA, in collaboration with Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects, has carried out the tender design of a new foot- and cycling bridge at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

The project also involves the design of a new layout of footways and roads, drainage and lighting systems, a landscaping scheme, new configuration of electrical and communications cabling in the area, geotechnical design, environmental studies and the auditing of existing nearby buildings. 

Gang og sykelveg Ryng 3 -

Footbridges and foot- and cycleways, Ring 3, Oslo

Tender design of a system of foot- and cycleways, bus lanes, bridges, drainage systems for surface water, cabling and electrics, lighting, landscaping, geotechnics and environmental engineering. 

hilton hotel

Building management system, Nordica hotel

EFLA was responsible for the design of all electrical systems, lighting design and the design and commisioning of the building management system when the hotel was extended and a new conference centre added.


Búðarháls hydropower plant, 94 MWe

The project constituted project planning, tender and detail design of the Búðarháls HPP Civil Works in addition to diverse consultancy related to the project over its existence. 

Elkem Grundartangi

Sound measurements and noise mapping - Elkem

At the request of Elkem Iceland, EFLA Consulting Engineers prepared a noise map and estimated the sound propagation within the company's lot. 

Geothermal in Iceland

Sound propagation from geothermal drilling

Noise map and sound propagation from drilling sites.

The objective was to prepare a noise map and estimate the sound propagation from drilling sites.