Minor projects

Headline list

Ivory Coast, Africa

Stability observation for masts that are a part of 220 kV transmission lines that go from Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso, of total 125 km.

New Zealand

Programming and design of the unloading equipment for aluminium and petroleum coke for New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS).

Nizgekamskaya, Russia

Tender design of 110 and 220kV transmission lines that provide electricity to a oil refinery in Nizgnekamsk. Also supervision concerning loads on the voltage towers. 

Ras Al-Khair, Saudi Arabia

Aluminium plant in Saudi Arabia. Automation and control systems for aluminium- and coce-silos located at the harbour and on-site at the plant. 


Programming and systems upgrade for ETI, aluminium plant in Turkey.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Programming of control systems, transmission system, unloading equipment and cleaning operators for aluminium and coke at the EGA-Abu Dhabi aluminium smelter.

Kitimat, Canada

Rehabilitation of aluminium smelter, RTA in Kitimat, Canada, system upgrade and programming of the network systems for various areas.

Stavanger, Norway

Programming of a drilling equipment simulator that mimics drilling system and monitors the control system.

Suswa, Kenya

Geothermal Power Plant in Suswa. Feasibility report and consultancy. 

Cerro Pabellon, Chile

Geothermal Power Plant in Chile. Consultancy regarding systems efficiency and optimization .

Cheves, Peru

Consultancy in a hydropower plant in Peru.

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Programming and design of power plant's system.


Development of a Power Generation and Transmission Master Plan.

Hagby-Dandery, Sweden

Design of demolition of 220 kV line Hagby-Dandery and substation switches

Mantisoq, Greenland

Hydropower feasibility assessment study