Minor projects

Headline list

Ariadne - Venus, South Africa

Transmission line, 400 kV, 130 km long. Preliminary design of foundations for cross rope structure.

Spencer - Witkop, South Africa

Transmission line, 275 kV, length 110 km. Preliminary design of foundations. Guyed towers.

Aboadze – Volta, Ghana

Transmission line, 330 kV. Preliminary design of towers and foundation. 

Tunesia - Lybia

Transmission line, 275 kv. Interconnection Tunesia-Lybia 275 kV, length 600 km. Preliminary design of foundations.

Wang Noi - Ranquist, Thailand

230 kV transmission line in Thailand. Design of long-pile foundations.

Bosphorus, Turkey

Preliminary design and project planning design of 800 kV transmission line in Turkey. The height of suspension towers is 165 m and the length of the crossing 1,882 m. Customer: Statnett in Norway.

Tazara, Tanzania

Study of interference from a new 220 kV transmission line to an existing open-air telephone line along the Tazara railway line in Tanzania. Detailed computer modelling of the 180 km long 220 kV line and the telecommunication line and rails for a 250 km long section. Calculation of induced voltages on the telephone and signalling systems during normal operation of the 220 kV line and during faults. Calculated for 50 Hz and 800 Hz. Analysis of mitigation measures. 

Collaborators: Fortum in Finland and Norplan in Norway.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Substation at a gas-based power plant. Civil supervisor, as well as design of 132 KV Switchyard, hi-voltage, med-voltage, control-cable routes, fire-water underground, surface drainage, all final elevations and detail drawings for most of the buildings in Ubungo 2, 100 MW power plant in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Pemba, Mozambique

110 kV transmission line to Pemba, 200 km. Checking and approving calculations of towers and foundations in Mozambique.

Burkina Faso, Africa

Investigation of tower failures in 225 kV transmission line Ivory Coast-Burkina Faso, length 72 km.

Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Africa

Transmission line, 225 kV Ferkessédougou-Kodéni interconnection line between Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Recommend on tower reinforcement to increase reliability in a 153 km line.

Nirvisniitty – Heinolan, Finland

Overhead Transmission Line, 110 kV . Preliminary design of guyed tubular steel towers and self-supporting towers in Finland. 


Overhead transmission line, 2x110 kV Freileitung Heide – Heide West – Strübbel. Design of a short section of double circuit OHTL for Omexom Hochspannung. Project Design. Guyed portal steel towers constructed by standard modules. 

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

HVDC Labrador – Island Transmission Link in Canada. Work for NALCOR regarding operational reliability of a 350 kV DC OHTL passing the Long Range Mountain Ridge in Labrador. Work in cooperation with LVP, 2009-2010.

Imatran - Luukkala, Finland

2x110 kV transmission line. Length 30 km. Preliminary design of guyed and self-supporting towers and foundations.

Helsinki, Finland

Preliminary design of two 110 kV transmission lines entering the planned SF-6 substation Viikinmäki in Helsinki. Guyed towers. Joint work with FSDT.


Ulikiluto-Huittinen and Uviala –Kangasala. Preliminary design of two 400 kV transmission lines in Finland with guyed and self-supporting towers.

Inkoo – Karjaa, Finland

Foundation design of132 kV transmission line. Length 20 km.

Lansisalmi - Kymi, Finland

Overhead transmission line, 420kv. Length of line 46 km. Calculation of conductors, earth wires and insulators. Design of guyed and self-supporting towers with foundations (4 types).

Wroclaw - Swiebodzice, Poland

Predesign and tender design of 2x400 kV transmission line self-supported tension and suspension steel towers. Calculation of EMF and estimation of audible noise, according to Polish national standards. Customer: Ispol/Selpol.

Namyslow – Oleśnica in Poland

Total design of 6 tower types, 110 kv, foundation, insulators and tower spotting. Length 30 km.

Kromolice – Plewiska, Poland

Design of four circuit transmission line (2x400 + 2x220 kV) in Poland. Tower spotting. Design of conductors, OPGW, earth wire, towers and foundations. Detailed calculation of electric and magnetic field and estimation of audible noise, according to Polish national standards. 

Milosna - Siedlce, Poland

Design of a new overhead transmission line (OHTL) in Poland. 2010-2015.


Reinforcement of the french national grid for RTE France during the years 2003-2011. In total reinforcements of over 1000 steel towers from 63 kV to 400 kV done in cooperation with EFLAs subsidiary HECLA in France. 

The work included design work for strengthening towers and foundations. Calculations of conductors and earth wires. Evaluation of increased capacity, condition evaluation, clearance validation etc.  

Ancizes - Volvic, France

OHTL, Ancizes-Volvic 225 kV, 18 km. Design of transmission line in the south of France. Design of conductors, OPGW and earth wire. Structure of wood, self-supporting and guyed solutions. 

Collaborators: RTE-Hecla.


Design of 27 km of 66 kV transmission line in West-Greenland. Guyed and self supporting towers. 

Qorlortorsuak, Greenland

Overhead Transmission Line, 60 kV Qorlortorsuak. Design of a 72 km OHTL including three fjord crossings of 1,9 km, 2,0 km and 3,6 km.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Design of 45 km of 66 kV transmission line Ilulissat in West-Greenland. Guyed and self-supporting towers

Maniitsoq, Greenland

Phase 1 included Preliminary planning and fatal flaw study. Phase 2 included Preliminary design and detailed cost analysis of 560 km of 220 kV OHTL and substations to Maniisoq in Greenland.

Customer: Alcoa and PB Power.

Ameralik fjordspan, Greenland

Failure analysis of steel phase conductor damages, design and recommendations of repairs for the conductor as well as towers, including new damper arrangement. Work carried out for BKK (Norway) for utility in Nuuk (Greenland). Ameralik fjordspan is the longest in the world, 5374 m.

Untra – Valbo, Sweden

Pre-design and studies for uprating of 220 kv, OHTL with HTLS conductors. 

Trolltjärn, Sweden

Design of two angle towers and connection into new 400 kV substation for Svenska Kraftnät. Mechanical and electromechanical design. Preparation of tender documents. Design of towers, foundations, conductors and fittings. 

Brattmyrliden – Moliden, Sweden

Design of a new 150 kV OHTL for Vattenfall. Mechanical and electromechanical Design. Preparation of tender documents and technical assistance during procurement and construction. Design of all towers, foundations, conductors and fittings. 


Design of a new 220 kV tower family. Design and development of a new tower family for 220 kV towers for Svenska Kraftnät. Technical studies, analysis and calculation of tower geometry and structural capacity of tension and suspension towers for various heights. Design of towers, foundations and fittings. Work started in 2019 and is ongoing. 

Skogssäter – Kilanda, Sweden

Design of a new 400 kV OHTL for Svenska Kraftnät. Complete project design. Work started in 2019 and is ongoing.


Substation ESTI. Project management and design of foundations in a 230 kV switchyard at ESTI Hydroelectric Project in Panama.

Viikinmäki, Finland

Substation Viikinmäki. Project management and design of changes to adjoining power lines and extension to132 kV substation building. 

Paide, Estonia

Substation Paide in Estonia. Work included Project management and design of steel structures and foundations in 330 kV substation Püssi and 330 kV/220 kV substation Paide in Estonia. 

Våler, Norway

Electrical works included: Feasibility study for a new double circuit 132 (47) kV transmission line to Våler, including 47 kV connections at each end, air insulated equipment.

Bjerkreim, Norway

Electrical works included: Detail design of earthing system and cable routes for a (420) 300 / 145 kV substation with a number of (420) 300 kV and 145 kV switchgear bays and two 300/145 kV transformers.
Civil works included: Detail design of rearrangement and extension of two 50 kV substations in Norway in relation with the refurbishment of a 50/132 kV transmission line, including a new transformer cell.
Customer: Veidekke/Statnett

Hvaler and Krakeroy, Norway


Electrical works included: Detail design of rearrangement and extension of two 50 kV substations in Norway in relation with the refurbishment of a 50/132 kV transmission line. 

Civil works included: Detail design of rearrangement and extension of two 50 kV substations in Norway in relation with the refurbishment of a 50/132 kV transmission line, including a new transformer cell. 

Customer: Hafslund.


FIDIC Yellow Book contract manager on the Engineer’s site team for the 168 MW Cheves HPP in Peru, Owner Statkraft. Further obligation technical manager and deputy project manager. Customer: Norconsult AS. Timespan: 2014-2015.


Hydropower Feasibility Assessment Study in Greenland at Watershed 6h – Feasibility study of various hydropower alternatives for a potential mining operation. Worktime span from 2017-2018. Customer: North American Nickel.

New Mexico

Geothermal prospects in New Mexico. Project management for a review and assessment of all available data, evaluation of geothermal resources and project planning for a 10 MW electrical power plant. Customer: FE Clean Energy.


Environmental reports for three geothermal projects in Indonesia. Lumut Balai, Units 1 to 4 in South Sumatra 4 x 55 MW. Ulubelu, Units 3 & 4, in South Sumatra, 2 x 55 MW. Tompaso Units 1 & 2 in Sulawesi, 2 x 20 MW

Java, Indonesia

Evaluation of possible geothermal energy usage near selected factories in Java, Indonesia. Customer: Nice Inc.

Maspo, Turkey

Geothermal consultancy which included evaluating the extended geophysical data to confirm a conceptual model, evaluate the possible power potential and site new production well targets. The main task is to perform a engineering thermal model for the possible utilization, deliver a solid cost analysis and feasibility study for a 12,5 to 25 MWe ORC power plant. 


Geothermal Consultancy Services. Project Exploration Data review, Data Interpretation for 1D and 3D view for Conceptual Model and drilling targets for a 50MW power plant in Eastern Turkey.

Kengen, Republic of Kenya

Project management of design, procurement and construction of a 5 MW electrical geothermal power plant.

Republic of Kenya

Supporting international consulting firm Lahmeyer in setting up a medium and long-term master plan for power generation and transmission in the Republic of Kenya. The work concerns the geothermal part of the plan.

San Vincente, El Salvador

Review of a feasibility study for 30 MWe geothermal power plant in El Salvador, with emphasis on environmental and social section of the study as well as the financial part and gap analysis in comparison with World Bank standards.

Chinameca, El Salvador

Review of a feasibility study for two geothermal power plants in El Salvador funded by WB and Iceida. Emphasis on environmental and social section of the study according to World Bank standards. 

Sonabel, Burkina Faso, Africa

Stability observation for masts that are a part of 220 kV transmission lines that go from Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso, of total 125 km.

New Zealand

Programming and design of the unloading equipment for aluminium and petroleum coke for New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS).

Nizgekamskaya, Russia

Tender design of 110 and 220kV transmission lines that provide electricity to a oil refinery in Nizgnekamsk. Also supervision concerning loads on the voltage towers. 

Ras Al-Khair, Saudi Arabia

Aluminium plant in Saudi Arabia. Automation and control systems for aluminium- and coce-silos located at the harbour and on-site at the plant. 


Programming and systems upgrade for ETI, aluminium plant in Turkey.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Programming of control systems, transmission system, unloading equipment and cleaning operators for aluminium and coke at the EGA-Abu Dhabi aluminium smelter.

Kitimat, Canada

Rehabilitation of aluminium smelter, RTA in Kitimat, Canada, system upgrade and programming of the network systems for various areas.

Stavanger, Norway

Programming of a drilling equipment simulator that mimics drilling system and monitors the control system.

Suswa, Kenya

Geothermal Power Plant in Suswa. Review of the conceptual model and main objective is to review all scientific data regarding the Suswa geothermal Prospect, suggest and perform new surveys and field-testing as well as develop a new conceptual model of the reservoir.

Cerro Pabellon, Chile

Geothermal Power Plant in Chile. Consultancy regarding systems efficiency and optimization .

Cheves, Peru

Consultancy in a hydropower plant in Peru.

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Programming and design of power plant's system.


Development of a Power Generation and Transmission Master Plan.

Hagby-Dandery, Sweden

Design of demolition of 220 kV line Hagby-Dandery and substation switches