Women leaders met in Reykjavík

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The Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) was held in Reykjavík ­26th – 28th of November 2018. EFLA Consulting Engineers is a proud sponsor and participated in the conference.

  • Women political leader forum and EFLA
    Women Political Leader Forum 2018. Photo: WPL

Around 400 women leaders from all around the world met in Reykjavík, Iceland, to discuss and share ideas and solutions about leadership and equality. The forum was held in collaboration with the Icelandic parliament and government, and was co-chaired by leaders of the OECD, World Bank, World Economic Forum and others. Former president of Iceland, Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, served as the forum's patron, but she is the world’s first elected female president in 1980.

Equality centre of attention

The theme of the forum was „We Can Do It“, thereby referring to Iceland's success in gender equality. Various topics were discussed at the conference, such as how to increase equality between men and women and how to support women in leadership positions.

EFLA Consulting Engineers is one of the sponsors of these important issues, as the company puts great emphasis on gender equality. In its operation, EFLA endorses equal participation of women and men in leadership and decision making.

The Woman Political Leader Forum is held yearly and will again next year take place in Reykjavík.