Top ranking in a competence evaluation


EFLA receives a top ranking in a competence evaluation made by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has now signed its sixth framework agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). EFLA has made these framework agreements with Statens Vegvesen in four of five Norway's regions regarding diverse transportation projects. In a recently signed framework agreement with Statens Vegvesen in the central region of Norway, EFLA receives an outstanding review in a competence evaluation and were highest ranked of all the bidders which include Norway's biggest engineering companies. EFLA is already working on projects in central Norway, including the design of two bridges north of Trondheim, which are 94 meters and 40 meters long.

For the past few years EFLA has worked on numerous projects for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and has earned trust among buyers. Statens Vegvesen is currently one of EFLA's biggest clients.


New and diverse projects for EFLA in Norway


A big increase has been in EFLA's projects in Norway over the past few months. EFLA AS is EFLA's subsidiary in Oslo, it has 11 employees. EFLA AS speciality is consultancy regarding high-voltage transmission lines. EFLA AS' biggest client is Statnett which is responsible for all high voltage electricity transmission and distribution in Norway.

So far of 2013 EFLA has been awarded more than 20 new projects in Norway. In comparison EFLA had 20 projects in Norway in all of 2012. The projects are very diverse and over 40 specialists in all of EFLA's divisions work on them. Among the latest projects is a safety and risk analysis due to an extension of Operatunnelen, which is a tunnel in Oslo's centre. Operatunnelen is one of the longest and busiest road tunnels in Oslo, about 6 kilometers long with approximately 90.000 vehicles each day.


In the beginning of 2013 EFLA founded the company Prosjektil-EFLA in Stavanger in cooperation with the engineering firm Prosjektil. Six specialists already work for this new company. Prosjektil-EFLA will focus on projects for municipalities and public companies in the Rogaland region. Moreover EFLA has 4 employees working in Stavanger in cooperation with the Norwegian company Advance control, programming a software for oilrigs.

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