The sun has set on the nordic house


Traveling Sun is an art project by Norwegian artists Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini. The project involves the travels of the sculpture SUN throughout the North. The SUN has travelled over 9,000 km around Norway and England and has now arrived in Iceland. The concept behind the project is to illuminate the dark winter days that can become quite long here in the North. More information is available on the artists' website:

The SUN will be suspended on the Nordic House this winter, and EFLA's structural engineers have designed the mountings used to hang the SUN on the building. The Nordic House, which is designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and is considered one of his masterpieces, is protected, making the fastening of the sculpture, which is 3 m in diameter, quite a challenge. The hanger is fastened onto walls that come up from the roof of the building which is covered in delicate blue tiles that cannot be damaged. There can also be no visible signs of the SUN after it has been taken down, which limits the selections of mountings that can be used on the wall.

The SUN was formally opened on the 16th of October. The pictures show the artists with the employees that were involved with the mounting and technical specifications. Top photo by the artists themselves.

travelling sun

travelling sun 1