The president of Iceland presents in Germany a new project in Iceland


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The municipalities of Vopnafjordur and Langanesbyggd, in cooperation with Bremenports, Germany are conducting a study and site investigation regarding the possibility of developing a deep sea port in Finnafjordur. Bremenports is one of the lagrest ports management company in Europe and the port in Bremerhaven is the second largest of its kind in Germany.

In the new master plan for the municipality Langanesbyggð, the Finnafjordur area is designated as a port area with 6.3 km long quays. The unique offshore situation in Finnafjordur and geographical location makes it a feasible choice for constructing a port. The pending port area offers a couple hundreds of hectares of flat land which is ideal for port construction. Finnafjordur is also quite deep next to the coastline, about 25-70 m deep. According to studies, the wave height and weather conditions in the area are favourable.

Based on these facts, Bremenports, is considering to cooperate with the municipalities in the surrounding area in constructing the Finnafjordur port. The company has looked into many locations for a trans-shipment hub in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Finnafjordur area is most likely the best location for such a harbour.

This is an enormous investment project which requires intensive studies and investigations, which will be managed and directed by Icelandic and foreign experts in the next few years. Bremenports will supervise and fund the research work and EFLA engineers will provide the engineering consultancy throughout the project.

As a part of Iceland's presidential visit to Germany, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson will visit Bremen and present the Finnafjordur project.


Trans-Artic shipping

With a warmer climate due to the greenhouse effect, the ice in the central Artic Ocean has decreased drastically over the last few decades. If this development continues, ships with icebreaker capabilities can navigate the central Artic Ocean in the near future. Therefore one of the ideas is to use those special made ships to utilize the route between Alaska and Iceland by crossing the North Pole.

Marine traffic through the North Atlantic has increased over the last few years and will continue to grow due to anticipated transportation of oil, liquefied natural gas and because of increased mining in Eastern Greenland and Russia. In 2012, nearly 50 cargo ships crossed the so called North-East route. In this context Iceland's geographic location in the North Atlantic is ideal. Also in this regard, Finnafjordur port is well suited as a trans-shipment hub for goods that are being shipped between Asia, America and Europe.

More detailed information can be found on Bremenports website,

Further information regarding the project can also be found in a brochure made by EFLA Consulting Engineers.