The Icelandic Lighting Award to EFLA


EFLA Engineering received the Icelandic Lighting Award 2015 for the lighting design of Fífuhvammsvegur bridge at in Kópavogur. The bridge connects the shopping mall, Smáralind, with commercial- and office tower at Smáratorg. The bridge was designed by Arkís architects who were also involved in the lighting design.

  • Lýsingarhönnun brúar í Kópavogi

The lighting designs main objective was to enrich the bridge and its surroundings with appealing warmth and decoration lighting which could be utilized in different ways. Therefor the design is programmable and color and intensity can be easily adapted for numerous intention each time.

The awards are intended to draw attention to aspects of good lighting design and lighting solutions in buildings or in public areas. The committees selection of EFLA's design was unanimous and in its review was stated: „The lighting designers managed to provide a practical lighting solution into the space in an exciting, flexible and modern way. A dynamic spectacle where various lights and shadows interact. A lighting combination that constantly surprises the viewer."

Lysebruen Kópavogur 1

Lysebruen Kópavogur 2

Lysebruen Kópavogur 5