The flight train


Last autumn, Ráðgjöf og verkfræðistjórnun [Consultancy and engineering management] performed, at the request of the company Reitir Real Estate Development, a preliminary study on the feasibility of the idea of linking the international airport in Keflavik by high-speed train to Reykjavík city centre and the work was presented in the form of a report in October 2013.


Its results were positive and on their basis Isavia, Reitir, the City of Reykjavik, the Union of Local Authorities in the Southwest and the Keflavik Airport Development Company decided, along with EFLA, Ístak, Landsbanki and Deloitte, to put work and funds into further examination of the feasibility of the project. Ráðgjöf og verkfræðistjórnun [Consultancy and engineering management] was retained to manage the project on behalf of the group.

The goal of the project is to investigate the practicality and feasibility of a train by analysis of the construction costs and operating costs, potential revenues and estimates of profitability. Also to estimate the different options in technology and implementation and make recommendations in this regard. Also, the societal impact of the project is to be identified. Based on the results, proposals are to be set forth for the development of the project and the next steps.

The report can be viewed on the project’s information page, here.