The First Phase of a New Cycle and Footbridge Completed


A new cycle and footbridge over Breiðholtsbraut highway, in Reykjavík, is underway. Recently, the bridge´s superstructure was cast that completed the first phase of construction. 

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    Model drawing of the new pedestrian and cycling bridge over Breiðholtsbraut in Reykjavík.

The new footbridge is going to connect the neighborhoods Seljahverfi and Fellahverfi and will increase safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge is contrived of four spans of post-tensioned concrete, is a total length of 86 meters, and shares a resemblance to bridges built over Hringbraut and Njarðargata in downtown Reykjavík.

Construction of Pedestrian and Cycle Paths 

The second phase of the project will begin soon, along with the construction of pedestrian and cycle paths. The paths will be on the east side of Breiðholtsbraut and will link south and east to Fellahverfi. The new bridge will be put into service October 1st.

The project is sponsored by City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA). EFLA's role in the project included the design of the footbridge in association with Studio Granda architects, lighting design, and pedestrian and cycle paths. The contractor of this new bridge is Skrauta ehf. Urð og Grjót ehf is in charge of constructing the new pedestrian and cycle paths.

breidholtsbraut-2-en-2-From construction on site.

breidholtsbraut-2-en-1- First phase of the construction was completed when superstructure was cast.