Project in Finnafjörður on schedule


Two automatic weather stations were recently installed in Finnafjörður. Their installation is part of research work carried out to investigate the feasibility of building a major vessel port in the fjord. The research is sponsored by German company Bremenports and overseen by Hafsteinn Helgason, EFLA's director of business development.

In May 2014, the municipality of Langanesbyggð and German ports management company Bremenports signed a partnership agreement wherein the company agreed to bear the expense of necessary research work over the next few years to determine the feasibility of building a major international vessel port in Finnafjörður at Langanes. Research into the biota on land commenced last year and was completed in May of this year. Research on weather conditions and the geology of the area is currently being carried out.

The two automatic weather stations were installed this August, one on the south side of the fjord and one on the north side, in Grunnólfsvík. They transmit weather information regularly to EFLA and Bremenports.

Comprehensive soil investigations were also carried out this summer, and buoys to measure waves and currents will soon be placed in and outside of the fjord. Data on currents and weather conditions will be collected for at least two years.
Preliminary research and proposals for harbour installations in Finnafjörður indicate that building costs will be within reasonable limits for such undertakings.

Preparatory research for the potential environmental impact assessment of a major vessel port in Finnafjörður can be completed in 3–4 years, and the results have been promising so far.


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