One of the strongest companies in Iceland


EFLA has been awarded as one of Iceland‘s strongest companies and in fact this is the 8th year in a row that EFLA receives these prestige awards.  Creditinfo, a leading local credit information provider, completes a detailed analysis every year which displays Icelandic companies that achieved top marks in its strength and stability assessments. 

  • Strongest in Iceland

There are over 38.500 companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory but only 2,2% pass the conditions set by Creditinfo in order to receive the award of being one of Icelandic‘s strongest companies.

Certification such as this is widely recognized in countries around the world, but in larger economies the conditions for the awards are not as strict as those in Iceland.

Following are Creditinfo conditions for the company strength analysis

  • Confirmed financial statements for three straight years with the Directorate of Internal Revenue
  • Less than 0,5% probability of defaulting debts according to Creditinfo’s CIP Risk Assessment
  • Positive operating profit (EBIT) for three straight years
  • Positive operating net profit for three straight years
  • Equity ratio has been 20% or higher for three straight years
  • CEO is listed in the national Registry of Enterprises
  • The company is active according to Creditinfo's definition
  • Total assets exceed ISK 80 million for for three straight years

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