Nordic Innovation Challenge


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EFLA is among participants in an innovation challenge hosted by the five Nordic capital municipalities and Nordic Innovation Center, which is an institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation. The competition, The Nordic Independent Living Challenge, is aimed towards finding the best technical solution to support an independent life with focus on the elderly.


EFLA's team was chosen among the 25 best solutions, of over 400 ideas total, to continue this spring. EFLA's representatives are now in Stockholm presenting the idea, where the five best team are chosen to move forward. The chosen teams will continue to develop their idea in cooperation with one of the Nordic capitals until next summer, when the winner will be chosen.

EFLA's project is named Thermal Winter Garden. Thermal Winter Garden is an indoor-garden where one can enjoy daylight and nature all year around in comfortable environment. It will serve a variety of user groups especially those that have limited opportunities to enjoy nature and daylight, such as the elderly. The project is based on the theory that access to daylight and natural environment will improve wellbeing.


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The selection process



More information about the competition can be found here:


and today's agenda



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Egill Maron Thorbersson Ph.D at the pitching session in Stockholm