New Silicon Metal Plant at Bakki


The new Silicon Metal Production Plant at Bakki, near Húsavík in Northeast Iceland, is currently under construction. The plant will be operated by PCC Bakki Silicon and will be one of the world's most advanced and environmentally compatible silicon metal production plants.

  • Silisiumfabrikken pa Bakki
    Silicon Metal Production Plant at Bakki, photograpch by Michael Bourke

EFLA has been the leading technical and design consultant during the construction but SMS Group and M+W Germany are responsible for the plants' design and construction through a turnkey contract with PCC.

SMS Group is responsible for productions systems while M+W Germany is in control of the buildings and infrastructure.

As M+W Germany´s main consultant, EFLA´s scope of work includes most of the buildings related design i.e. structural engineering, electrical systems, fire safety design and risk management, acoustics and noise control as well as piping and air conditioning. The steel structure of the furnace house is excluded from EFLA´s responsibilities with the exception of earthquake related consultancy. EFLA is also accountable for on-site road and lighting design along with underground piping installations.

The constructions are well under way and according to plan as the coal storage facility is almost fully constructed. On-site contractor LNS Saga has almost completed the furnace house foundation. Züblin, a German on- site contractor, manages the steel construction and is responsible for the all steel structure on site. EFLA is also a part of M+W Germany´s team responsible for on-site control and management.

M+W estimates to complete their part of the production plant by the summer of 2017 and the production is expected to start the following year.