Landsnet's new Static VAR Compensator


At Grundartangi, Landsnet now has started operating a new Static VAR Compensator (SVC), in a station called Klafastaðir. Grundartangi is the largest load point in Landsnet's system and disruptions in electricity supply there can significantly affect the operation of the Landsnet's transmission system. For users of electricity, it is important that the security and quality of supply be as high as possible and this facility is designed to improve the operation of the system and increase the utilization of transmission facilities in the long run. It was decided to construct a building over all the electrical equipment to increase operating security since salt depositing often causes problems in the operation of the power system in the region.

EFLA has been the main consultant to Landsnet in this project, taking care of the tender design of the reactive power equipment, the design of the building and supervision of the installation of electrical equipment. The building's architects were Hornsteinar, VSÓ was responsible for construction supervision and Verkís oversaw the tender design of the transformer and switchgear bay while Ístak constructed the building. In addition, Landsnet received assistance from foreign experts. As a result of the tender, electrical equipment from ABB was selected. In this plant, Landsnet now can consume or generate VAR continuously from -100 Mvar up to +150 Mvar,.



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