International conference about steel bridges

Pedestrian bridge, Ullevaal, Oslo, Footbridge


An international conference, the 9th International Symposium on steel bridges, was held in Prague last week. Andri Gunnarsson, construction engineer at EFLA, presented a lecture covering the design process of the new pedestrian bridge, Ullevaalskrysset, in Oslo. EFLA has carried out the conceptual and the detail design of the bridge which is under construction at the moment. 

  • Ullevaal stadium EN
    Ullevaalskrysset footbridge. Model image.

The conference is being organized by the Czech Constructional Steelwork Association (CAOK) and European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS). It is being held with three years interval and is organized by both a local and a global committee. There were many topics about steel bridges presented such as; refurbishment, fabrication and construction, maintenance, pedestrian bridges, motorway bridges, railway bridges, structural connections and bridge monitoring.

EFLA's presentation

Andri Gunnarsson's presentation, Advanced layout of a steel bridge – Ullevaalskrysset footbridge, was about the design phase of a 290 m long pedestrian bridge with the Ullevål station in Olso, covering the whole process from the concept phase and until finished detail design and tender documents. 

Andri GunnarssonAndri Gunnarsson, Construction Engineer

International platform

The conference is planned as a professional event to present the newest products, technology solutions and solutions for the design, fabrication, construction and maintenance of steel bridges.

More information about the conference program can be found at the conference website and information on EFLA's web about the consultancy regarding bridge design.