International CMSE certification


Elin Adda Steinarsdóttir, a mechanical engineer at EFLA, recently received an internationally recognized certification as CMSE®- Certified Machinery Safety Expert, after attending a seminar held by Pilz and TUV Nord in Finland. The course focused on technical issues related to safety of machinery, and touched on everything from directives, harmonized standards and implementation of risk analysis to design, choice of protective gear and reliability of safety-related electrical-, electronic-and programmable control systems.

The course is intended for designers, engineers and security experts in the field of automation and industrial safety and allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the requirements set forth in regulations and standards, and translate into design, manufacture, maintenance and use of machinery as well as managing projects; ranging from risk analysis to security updates.


Producers and importers are responsible for the safety of their products and that they are designed and constructed in accordance with directives and regulations on machinery and technical equipment. They have a legal obligation to ensure that the machines used in the EEA / EU meet all directives, that a declaration of conformity has been prepared and the machine CE marked.


EFLA has been involved in a variety of projects in the field of CE marking, and possesses extensive knowledge in the field of electrical and mechanical design. Careful and professional best work practices when CE marking machinery with through risk analysing of machines from the initial design, can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturers.