EFLA at the Iceland Geothermal Conference 2016


EFLA participates in the 3rd Iceland Geothermal Conference, held in Harpa Reykjavik on April 26th-28th.


The overall theme of the Iceland Geothermal Conference is to share effective methods and best practice running geothermal projects, learn how to make the best out of it and explore ways to increase value of practical suggestions ability.


The conference topics reflect three main trends all of which address different areas of geothermal projects, i.e. geothermal and operation (Exploration), the feasibility of geothermal projects (Feasibility) and finally multi practical ability to be find in geothermal resources (Practicality).


EFLA is proud to be among the sponsors and participants of IGC2016. We invite all participants to come meet us at booth K-1, where our geothermal experts will greet you and give you a special treat, Lava-Popcorn.


EFLA's experts will also participate in the conference agenda. Ingi Ingason will give a presentation on the status of the Turkish geothermal market under the name, Turkish Delight and Sunna Björg Reynisdóttir will moderate a session on technical solutions.


Learn more about our geothermal experience and expertise here.


For more information on the conference :

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