Glacial tunnel in Langjökull glacier


Since 2010 EFLA engineering company has been working on an innovative project regarding the construction of a glacial tunnel in Langjökull glacier which is Iceland's second largest ice cap.

The Idea is to construct a tunnel through the glacier at a depth where the glacial ice is solid. That is about 30 meters down into the glacier.

At that depth the vision is to dig out caves and more tunnels and thereby create a fascinating destination for tourists to explore and simultaneously learn about Icelandic glaciers and the effects of global warming.
In total the tunnel will be about 300 meters long.

By participating in this project EFLA wants to work on innovation in the tourism industry but there is a loud demand for new kinds of activities for tourists in Iceland, especially during winter time.
Also the project plays an innovative role in the engineering field but very little has been written about digging into glacial ice. Increasing demand for extractive metallurgy in northern regions calls for further knowledge in this specific field. Therefore the project is quite interesting from more than one perspective, whether it's regarding the tourism industry, the engineering field or glacial studies.