Footbridges and Paths for the Norwegian Roads Administration


EFLA has established itself in Norway in recent years and has been involved in numerous interesting projects. Among the projects for which EFLA has been responsible is the design of footbridges and pedestrian and cycling paths for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

  • Ullevaal stadion
    New pedestrian and cycling path, Ullevaal station, Norway.

Pedestrian and cycling paths alongside Ring 3

EFLA was responsible for providing consultancy services for a 1 km pedestrian and cycling path alongside the Ring 3 motorway in northern Oslo. EFLA's consultancy involved the design of the layout of the path and new lanes for public buses on Ring 3, geotechnical investigation, traffic noise modelling, tender specifications, design of street lighting and drainage systems.

The path construction is a part of a campaign for a better cycling infrastructure in Oslo and this particular stretch is defined as part of the primary network of cycle paths in Oslo.

Footbridges at Borgenveien and Ris skole

EFLA was responsible for the design of two new footbridges at the Ring 3 motorway. The bridges are Borgenveien gangbru, a 15 m concrete bridge that connects pathways in the area in an accessible manner and Ris skole gangbru, a steel bridge approximately 100 m long, with its main span over Ring 3. The main span of the bridge is 45 m long, supported by cables. The towers that connect the cables have a dominating impact on the appearance of the structure.

Construction works began in 2014 and were completed last summer. EFLA's collaborator in the design of Ris skole gangbru was the architect firm Studio Granda.

Pedestrian and cycling bridge at Ullevaal stadion

In the past few months, EFLA has been busy designing a new pedestrian and cycling bridge near the Norwegian national football stadium Ullevaal stadion. The bridge spans both the heavily trafficked motorway Ring 3, with a traffic load of around 60 thousand vehicles a day, and the Sognsveien Oslo regional road. The bridge will replace existing bridges that no longer fulfil the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

The new bridge is a steel box girder bridge on which the 6 m total width between handrails is divided into a pedestrian walkway and a cycling path. One could say that the two T-junctions on the bridge are resolved with fluid lines and the localised widening of the bridge floor. The total length of the bridge is approximately 420 m. In addition to bridge design, the project involves adapting the existing footpaths to the new bridge, landscape design, design of new utilities and lighting systems, specifications for the necessary transfer of electricity and telecommunications lines underground and geotechnical and environmental research in the area.

The project is carried out for the eastern region of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Statens vegvesen Region øst, as EFLA has a framework agreement in this area for construction in the Oslo and Akershus counties. EFLA's collaborator in the bridge design at the Ullevaal stadion is the architect firm Brownlie Ernst and Marks Ltd. Construction work is expected to begin in spring 2017.

The above projects have been carried out in collaboration with EFLA's offices in Oslo, EFLA AS.

Ulleaal stationBefore changes) Existing pedestrian and cycling bridge at Ullevaal stadion.

Ullevaal stadionAfter changes) Pedestrian and cycling bridge at Ullevaal stadion.Model drawing Brownlie Ernst and Marks

Gang og sykelveg Ryng 3 -New pedestrian and cycling path at the Ring 3 motorway in Oslo and a new footbridge at Ris skole gangbru.

Ring 3 Göngu- og hjólastígurPathways at the Ring 3 motorway and Borgenveien gangbru.