Fabrication of a New Steel Cycle and Footbridge by Ullevaal Stadium in Norway

Ullevaal, Bridge, Oslo, Pedestrian bridge


A new steel box girder pedestrian bridge is being fabricated and will be erected by Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

  • Ullevaal en forsida
    From the steel plant where the bridge is being built. The bridge is 290 m and is built in 16 units that will be assembled in Oslo.

The fabrication of the new bridge is underway in Lithuania at Western Construction steel plant. The project started in May after detailed planning with the fabricator, the contractor (the NRC group), and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). The production is going according to plan and it is anticipated that the first segments of the bridge will be shipped to Norway in the middle of August. As soon as the first segments arrive to the construction site, the contractor will begin erecting the bridge.

Site Visit to Steel Fabricator in Lithuania

Project engineers from EFLA Consulting Engineers recently went on a site visit to Western Construction along with representatives from the Norwegian Public Road Administration and the contractor to inspect the plant and to observe fabrication progress. The Western Construction fabrication plant is in the City of Klaipeda by the Baltic Sea and employs about 2000 workers. Their main operation is maintaining ships and steel fabrication for the oil and gas industry, along with fabricating new steel for infrastructure projects, such as bridges, across Europe.

The new cycle and footbridge is planned to be 290 meters long and 7 meters wide, in 19 spans. The bridge is located by the Ullevaal National Stadium and is one of EFLA´s largest design projects for the Norwegian Public Road Administration. EFLA was also in charge of designing the pedestrian and cycle paths around the new bridge. 

Project description

UllevaalOne of 16 units of the bridge.

UllevaalFrom construction site.

Ullevaal Oslo footbride beforeBefore: Current bridge at Ullevaal stadium.

Ullevaal stadionAfter: Model drawing of the new bridge.