Expansion to aluminium substation


Norðurál Century Aluminium recently agreed on expansion to the aluminium substation and rectifier building, an equivalent of 1600 square meters. Signing of contracts took place 7th of December. EFLA will provide consultation on two aspects of the project. One aspect is EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Management, lead by Mr Sigurjón Svavarsson. The other aspect is Construction Management, lead by Mr Erlendur Örn Fjeldsted.

The first phase of the project is a part of five-year investment plan made by Century, where the objective is to increase productivity by up to 50,000 tons of aluminium per year and improve operational reliability.

The total cost of project will be over ten billion ISK (approximately 60 million EUR) but the cost of the first phase will be approximately three billion ISK (18 million EUR). Completion date is scheduled in autumn 2013.


Erlendur Örn Fjelsted from EFLA hf. and Gunnar Guðlaugsson, managing director of Norðurál, signing the contract.


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