Exciting opportunity in the aviation industry


Aero Design Global (ADG) is a collaborative project involving highly experienced people from the aeronautics industry and EFLA Consulting Engineers. The plan is to combine the specialised knowledge of these parties as regards services to aircraft owners and airline operators in Iceland and overseas. 

The need for specialist services of this nature is considerable, particularly in light of the significant increase in the volume of tourists to Iceland together with increased investments in more fuel-conservative aircraft worldwide.

ADG has been granted a permit from Samgöngustofa Íslands (The Icelandic Transport Authority) (CAMO approval No. IS.MG.041) by which ADG is now permitted to manage maintenance management for aircraft owners according to Commission Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 Annex I on being able to guarantee the airworthiness of aircraft under the maintenance management of ADG according to EASA Part-M approval.

In addition, ADG is undergoing the process of applying for a DOA (Design Organisation Approval) permit that will enable the company to service its customers as regards all the changes that both aircraft owners and airline operators need to make to their aircraft fleets. Management of ADG anticipate that they will have gained a DOA EASA Part 21 approval late this summer.

A part of the DOA service that ADG will begin offering includes:

  • Livery: The design of the appearance of aircraft and location of all "Mandatory Markings" that need to be visible on the body and wings of aircraft according to the manufacturer of each aircraft type and the aviation authorities in question.
  • Emergency Equipment Layout (E.E.L.): Is the location of equipment in the passenger section and cockpit, e.g. all safety equipment such as hand-held extinguishers, oxygen flasks, lifeboats, etc.
  • Layout of Passengers Accommodations (L.O.P.A.): Relates to the location of passenger seats and their number in the passenger section of the aircraft and performing "Weight and balance" calculations to find the new "Centre of gravity" figures.

The company has eight employees and has already obtained commissions here in Iceland and in Turkey, the UK, Ireland and Canada. With its involvement in projects for the aeronautics industry, EFLA is entering a new sphere in engineering and consulting services.

As a progressive company, EFLA is taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of its employees to become involved in new types of projects and encouraging the development of knowledge in this field in Iceland.

More information on the company can be found on the website: