Electrical design & programming


Lýsi started up a new factory in 2005. This factory is one of the most elegant in the world and its performance has exceeded all expectations. There has been a steady development and increase in activities since the factory was started. In 2007, the factory obtained a permit to produce pharmaceuticals from the State Drugs Inspectorate. At the same time, it began production of the Omega concentrate. In 2012 a new factory was started up next to the old one and the production capacity doubled. In 2013, a new high-duty evaporator was added.

EFLA has taken care of all the electrical design of the buildings as well as designing and programming the production controls. The plant's control system is based on Logix control engines from Rockwell and the Intouch SCADA system from Wonderware plus an SQL database for session logging. The database enables tracking the products' flow through the plant, from receipt to the packaging of fully processed products. EFLA developed the database and its user interface, both using the plant's Intouch SCADA system. Also, a web interface was programmed, so that an internet browser can be used to track the production and view production reports.

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lysi 1

Figure 1. Omega fatty acids separated.

lysi 2


Figure 2. Batch numbers examined chronologically from the Intouch screen shot system. The batch numbers can be tracked in various ways.