EFLA´s transportation projects in Norway


EFLA’s transportation projects in Norway doubled from last year.

EFLA consulting engineers recently signed their fourth frame agreement with Statens Vegvesen, or the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The agreement covers a wide range of projects in the field of designing transport infrastructure in Norway.

The operation of Statens Vegvesen is carried out in five main regions, the East, South, West, Central and North Regions. EFLA has signed a frame agreement with Statens Vegvesen on four of these five areas. A frame agreement was recently signed in the East Region, which includes Oslo. The projects are of all kinds and have experts from many fields at EFLA in Iceland working on them. These include experts in road design, bridge design, tunnel design, electrical systems and controls, traffic technology, environmental issues, runoff design, acoustics and noise control, geotechnical and maintenance.

In recent years EFLA has gained a strong position in the Norwegian market providing engineering services in various projects across the country. EFLA’s turnover in transportation projects in Norway has doubled from last year and EFLA group’s annual turnover in Norwegian projects is now reaching a billion ISK. There are, on average, 40 experts from EFLA working on Norwegian projects, making Norway the largest market for EFLA outside Iceland.

The projects include: Road design, bridge design, tunnel design, system design for tunnels and maintenance, pedestrian- and cycle path design, bus lane design, traffic design, sewer system design, noise propagation analysis and noise reducing measures, safety audit on roads and construction supervision.

Examples of projects:

West Region: EFLA designs all drainage- and sewage systems, sediment ponds as well as providing project management for Solasplitten road project in Stavanger.
North Region: The Langsund connection north of Tromsø ; A 3km long tunnel connecting two islands is fully designed by EFLA as well as all security systems for the tunnel. The Hamnøy tunnel project by Lofoten is about to begin and EFLA designs all of the electrical systems for the tunnel.
Central Region: The Keiserås-Olsøy project just north of Trondheim, which includes the overall design of a 13 km road with drainage, noise protection, landscaping and design of two bridges on this route.
East Region: Lillestrøm Skedsmokorset, designing of bus lanes, footpaths and underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists, noise protection and runoff systems.



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