EFLA signes the Nordic Built Charter


In Copenhagen on August 8th, 20 managers from the Nordic building industry signed the Nordic Built Charter, thereby showing willingness to change. By signing the charter they commit to following ten principles in their work and business and to take the necessary steps towards developing a competitive solution for sustainable construction.

In accordance with EFLA's policy, to be leading in discussion on economical options, EFLA is the first engineering office in Iceland to sign the Nordic Built Charter.

In recent months Helga Jóhanna Bjarnadóttir, on behalf of EFLA, has participated in the preparation of the Charter along with 60 other executives from the Nordic construction industry. On September 13th a meeting was held in Reykjavík where parties in the construction industry were invited to sign the Charter and be involved in the project.

The aim of the project is for the construction industry to join forces and capitalize it's common strengths to deliver the sustainable solutions the Nordic region and the world demands. EFLA among other leading companies in the field have already taken the first step and encourage others to do the same.

The Nordic Built principles have been implemented in EFLA's work for a number of years. EFLA´s environmental policy states that employees are encouraged to think in terms of eco design, promote better use of resources, less waste of raw materials and increase reuse and recycling. This is reflected in the following projects that EFLA has been involved in, in recent years:


  • Sustainable approach in the design of the New University Hospital in Reykjavík.
  • Cycling plan for Kópavogur city to increase cycling as a transportation option so that it will become an accessible, efficient and safe transportation mode.
  • Development of overhead transmission lines taking into account resource use, visual effects, acoustic performance and magnetic field effects.
  • Improving the effectiveness of dust emissions in the aluminum industry to reduce pollution.
  • Calculation of buildings Life Cycle Costing.
  • Sustainable drainage system solutions e.g. in the Urriðaholt area.
  • Life Cycle Assesment and calculation of carbon footprint for hydropower in the powerplant in Fljótsdalur.

EFLA is proud to be involved in the development of the Charter and to be the first engineering company in Iceland to sign it. By this means we will be proactive in sustainable thinking for the future.

The Charter can be found Nordic Built Charter and further information on Nordic Built here.


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