EFLA shortlisted for Darc Awards 2018

Darc Awards, Raufarhólshellir, Lava Tunnel, Lighting design


EFLA has been shortlisted for Best Landscape Lighting Scheme for the lighting design in The Lava Tunnel in Iceland. The Darc Awards are a peer-to-peer lighting design awards allowing ligthing designers to vote for their favourite projects of the year.  We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to the results which will be announced in December.
  • Raufarhólshellir
    The lighting design in The Lava Tunnel is impressive.

The Lava Tunnel in Southern part of Iceland is a popular tourist destination. The tunnel is a lava tube formed during a volcanic eruption 5000 years ago. The tunnel is expansive with the total length of 1360 m (4500 ft).

A trip through the Lava Tunnel allows visitors to get a close look of the impressive forces of nature that emerged from the center of the earth and the lighting design reveals the magnificent colour palette of nature. 

EFLA‘s ligthing team focused on creating a strong contrast between light and shadow to intensify the natural colours in the tunnel. No lighting equipment or cables are visible , maximizing the visitors´ visual experience. See further on Darc Awards website.

The lighting design in the Lava Tunnel was honoured with the Icelandic Lighting Design Awards 2018 in the outdoor lighting category.  

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