Technical leader in design of high voltage lines



EFLA is a technical leader in design of high voltage transmission lines according to Nordic TSO


State run enterprises in Scandinavia routinely select a few companies to execute certain services for them. The selection of the service supplier is based on so called framework agreement tendering selection, that are usually entail a 2-5 year contract.


Many transmission system operators (TSO) have offered new framework agreements regarding the design of high voltage power lines in recent months. The bidding process is mainly evaluated on technical qualification and prices, but other factors are also taken in to account.


All the largest engineering companies in Scandinavia, including Icelandic ones, have placed their bids to these framework agreements. EFLA is one of them and the results are exceptional. EFLA received the highest rating of all bidders, both in overall evaluation as well as in the technical score. The transmission system operators are as follows:


• Statnett, Norway
• SVK, Sweden
• Energinett, Denmark


This impressive performance reflects years of EFLA´s experience in the design of high voltage lines in Iceland as well as projects from around the world, for example in Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Poland, Finland and France. EFLA´s employees consist of a large group of outstanding technician specialists that work on such projects in Iceland as well as in affiliated companies in Norway (EFLA AS) and Sweden (EFLA AB).