EFLA receives grant from energy fund


On Wednesday, July 11th, the Minister of Industry, Steingrímur J. Sigfússon and Mörður Árnason, chairman of the energy council, allocated grants from the Energy fund for research and demonstration projects for the year 2012. 55 applications were received for a total of 125,7 million ISK. Among those were several interesting and valuable projects that could not be funded at this time.


This year allocation emphasized on projects involving efficient use of energy and energy saving, domestic energy sources, environmentally friendly fuels and fossil fuel savings. In accordance with the above emphasis, methane and biodiesel projects were prominent among those who received funding as well as projects related to energy saving in agriculture and fisheries. Other project that received funding involved for example,development of an analysing tool to facilitate the implementation of electric vehicles, experiments with new methods in utilizing geothermal energy and educational project on energy and environmental issues for students.


Mr. Jóhannes Rúnar Magnússon, Director of Mechanical and Thermal Technology at EFLA, received a 1.25 million ISK for his project, entitled "Biogas processing for farming". The project focuses on small scale, modular biogas process for dairy farms who are not connected to a district heating. The biogas is processesd from cow manure and other organic matter in an anaerobic digestion where the biogas will be led to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units which will generate both electricity and heat for the farm.