EFLA opens shop in Sweden and framework agreement concluded


EFLA Consulting Engineers has established the subsidiary EFLA AB in Stockholm. The company will provide specialized services in the field of high-voltage transmission lines and other projects related to the transmission and distribution of electricity. Ingemar Karlsson has been appointed managing director of EFLA AB; Ingemar has under his belt decades of experience in power systems projects in the Swedish market. In recent years, EFLA has worked from Iceland on projects on the power grid in Sweden, however with the establishment EFLA AB the intention is to give EFLA a permanent foothold in the Swedish market.

EFLA has a long history of engineering consultancy in the Norwegian energy market through its subsidiary EFLA AS in Oslo which today is the principal consultant of Norway's Statnett in this field. The office of EFLA AS in Norway has 11 employees plus subcontractors; EFLA in Iceland is significantly involved in the projects in collaboration with EFLA AS.

EFLA has already signed the first framework agreement in Stockholm with Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish Power Grid) for two years extendable by two years. The agreement ensures EFLA participation in the tenders of Svenska Kraftnät in the field of high-voltage transmission lines; there are plans for building 400-500 km per year of new 400 kV above-ground transmission lines beyond 2025. The project is part of a substantial strengthening of the power grid in Sweden, which has, among other things, the role of transmitting power between northern Scandinavia and continental Europe. Svenska Kraftnät and Norway's Statnett own and operate power grids and so perform the same function as Landsnet in Iceland.