EFLA on oil rigs


In recent months, EFLA´s employees have worked on several projects for the oil industry.


Those projects involve PLC and SCADA programming of systems for drilling fluids and concrete systems as well as testing and commissioning of the systems. The work is carried out on board the oli platform Scarabeo 8.


Another project was upgrade of operating systems for the power stations on board the oil platform Gyda and also renewal of the SCADA system on board Giant.

The oil platforms are located out in the North Sea, Barents Sea and in shipyards.


Recently Tómas, an engineer at EFLA took a safety course at Stavanger, Norway.

The course is intended for those who work on oil platforms in the North Sea, Barents Sea and elsewhere. The course covered fire hazards on oil drilling platforms and the correct response, safety equipment. First aid was rehearsed and how one escapes from a helicopter in a forced landing at sea.


The following picture shows Tómas in Stavanger. More EFLA employees will participate in similar courses in the coming weeks.


EFLA is continuing to broaden its consulting services and can now offer services on board ships and oil platforms and is a leader in this field in Iceland.