EFLA designs wind farms


The National Power Company and EFLA have signed an agreement on the project design of wind farms (wind parks) at the Haf site close to Búrfellsvirkjun power plant. This involves the first wind farms that are designed in Iceland; a few individual windmills have previously been installed in this country. For this project, EFLA will enjoy the assistance of Pöyry in Sweden who has designed dozens of wind farms all over Europe, however the bulk of the design work will be done by EFLA in Iceland. At the same time, an agreement was signed with Mannvit on the environmental assessment for the wind farms. The accompanying picture was taken at the signing of these agreements.

Pictured are Margrét Arnardóttir, the project's supervisor with the National Power Company, Árni Magnússon with Mannvit, Hörður Árnason, CEO of the National Power Company, and Guðmundur Þorbjörnsson, CEO of EFLA Consulting Engineers.

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