EFLA and EcoOnline sign a collaboration contract


EFLA consulting engineers and EcoOnline in Iceland sign a collaboration contract.

Chemical management is an important factor for all companies and organizations. In Icelandic law, including the REACH legislation, it is mandatory to have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in Icelandic, on all hazardous chemicals in use by a company, available for all employees who handle them. The legislation also requires a chemical risk assessment be made when working with these chemicals as part of the general risk assessment made for each project.


In recent years it has proven difficult for the economy to keep track of the chemical matters of the business. A lot of time has gone in making sure all MSDS ´s are up to date and available. It has also proven difficult for employees to make the required chemical risk assessments.


EcoOnline is a software solution for chemical management as well as an online data base, keeping track of all safety MSDS´s. EcoOnline also helps simplify the chemical risk assessments required by REACH. Over 3000 Nordic companies now use EcoOnline e.g. Würth, ORKLA, Shell and IKEA, which means the data base already contains a lot of information on hazardous chemicals and constantly grows.


On May 15th, EFLA consulting engineers hosted a presentation on chemical management and requirements made by REACH, titled "How do we handle chemical issues?" The companies in attendance were those who have implemented environmental management, puplic bodies and chemical suppliers. That same day, EFLA and EcoOnline signed a collaboration contract for consulting services between the two companies.


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For further information on EFLA's consultation regarding chemical management and on EcoOnline please contact:


Helga J. Bjarnadottir

Director of Environmental department