EFLA and development of green areas


EFLA engineers covers the construction and maintenance of green areas at a conferance held in Denmark. The conference was held on the initiative of Green Academy Aarhus, with participants from all the Nordic countries. Representative of EFLA engineers, Magnus Bjarklind Landscape technician, introduced a recent study on the influence of soil depth on the health and growth of trees.

The aim of the study, performed by EFLA Engineers in collaboration with Iceland's forest service, Iceland's Landscape contractors association and Reykjavik´s City Division of Environment, was to examine the impact of soil fillings on the health and growth of trees. The study was conducted in two parts. In the autumn of 2010, a tree was dug up from a noise barrier next to a motorway in Reykjavik city for examination of roots and wood.  In autumn 2011 some wood cores were taken from trees in the same area to evaluate the growth of the trees. Results from this study confirm that the level of oxygen, controlled i.a. by soil depth has a major impact on health and growth of trees.

In the picture, Magnus Bjarklind from EFLA gives his lecture at the conference.