Development of tourist destinations


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EFLA has recently been involved in the design of sightseeing and walking platforms at popular tourist destinations throughout the country, in collaboration with the architect firms Arkís Architects, Landmótun and Landform.

Sightseeing platforms have already been built at Skógafoss where Landform was responsible for the main design and at Ófærufoss in Eldgjá where Arkís Architects and Landform took care of the main design. Work has also started on sightseeing and walking platforms at Dettifoss where Landmótun is the main designer.

During this summer there are also plans for development at four viewpoints in addition where EFLA has been involved in the design. This is at Svartifoss, where Landmótun takes care of the main design and at Skógafoss, as well as at Göngumannafoss and Hrísvaðsfoss in Arnarfjörður, where Landform is the main designer.

The purpose of the platforms is primarily to improve the safety of tourists, since there is often a significant danger of falling at the said places, but they also contribute to less strain on the environment and reduce the risk of the destruction of vegetation. The sightseeing platforms at Dettifoss, Svartifoss and Eldgjá were erected by Vatnajökull National Park, the platforms in Arnarfjörður are the responsibility of the Environment Agency of Iceland and the platforms at Skógafoss are financed by Eastern Rangárþing.

The design of the platforms focuses on minimizing the use of materials and using durable substances. EFLA has performed the detail design of the supporting structures for the platforms, the preparation of building plans and tender documents. Furthermore, EFLA has in some cases performed risk assessment, soil research and surveillance during construction. The structural design of the platforms is often very demanding, they are often situated in a slope or at a precipice which means that their foundations and supporting structure must meet strict safety requirements. Several of the platforms were drawn up in 3D, which facilitates the work of designers and others involved in the project.

The construction of the platforms is also a challenge, they are often located far from the beaten track. In those cases the method has been used to construct the framework in a workshop and transfer it, along with other building materials and equipment, to the building site by helicopter.

The picture above is a computer rendering showing the planned sightseeing platform at Dettifoss. Arnar Ólafsson and Einar E. Sæmundsen, landscape architects at Landmótun, designed the platform in collaboration with EFLA. Arnar Ólafsson created the picture.

The pictures below are computer generated, showing the planned sightseeing platforms at Dettifoss and Skógafoss. The pictures are prepared by EFLA; the platform at Skógafoss is designed by Landform.


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