Desert heat


Desert heat

The global Aluminium market now has a new source of high-quality, reliable primary aluminium, as Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) started production in its smelter in Abu Dhabi, with EFLA contributing to this achievement. When it comes fully on-stream in 2014, this 1.4 million-ton capacity production complex will be the world‘s largest aluminium smelter

Built on a 6km2 site in the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone in Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, the Emal aluminium smelter is owned by the Emir of Abu Dhabi and aluminium manufacturer Dubal. Construction began in January 2008, and the first aluminium was delivered to customers in Dec. 2009. Production capacity of the first phase of the project is 700,000 tons per year, and the second phase will add a further 700,000 tons by 2014, making the smelter the world’s largest. Construction cost of the first phase is estimated at USD 5.7 billion, with the second phase projected at a further USD 5 billion.

Drawing on the company’s wide-ranging experience of similar projects and international reputation in this highly specialised area of automation and electrical engineering, EFLA was commissioned by two of the project’s associates, Alstom and Alcan Alesa, to provide a number of key services in its construction.

EFLA has been assigned a number of tasks in the construction of the main factory, mainly relating to automated systems for the transport of materials, treatment of gas and control systems for equipment. These services include:

  • Electrical supervision and commissioning of the Fluoride and Crushed Bath Transport Systems
  • Design, programming and commissioning of the control system for a Pot feeding system
  • Design, programming and commissioning of the control system for PTM Crane Filling Stations
  • Gas Treatment Centre for the Potrooms
  • Fume Treatment Centre for the Anode Baking Furnace
  • Commissioning of the Hot Bath Gas System for the Rodding Shop
  • Commissioning and structuring of ControlNet connections between all main controllers in the factory
  • Assistance of the main contractor (SLWP) on Control Systems during the commissioning and startup phase
  • Control System Setup for the plant

Aside from the activities in the main factory, EFLA has provided service for a number of automated transport systems in the harbour area, namely:

  • Commissioning and startup of 800 Ton Ship Unloader for Alumina and Coke.
  • Commissioning of the Material Transport system to and from Harbor Silos
  • Commissioning of the Truck Loading and Unloading Stations

The operations in the EMAL project are administered by the EFLA office in the U.A.E., where a dedicated team of experts is stationed at any given time. As work on EMALs second phase progresses toward completion in 2014, EFLAs experts on-site continue to play an important role in the project.