Snæfellsstofa visitor centre receives the Icelandic concrete prize


Snæfellsstofa visitor centre receives the Icelandic concrete prize

 Snaefellsstofa Arkis

On February 19th the Icelandic Concrete Association awarded Snæfellsstofavisitor centre the Icelandic Concrete Prize 2016.


The awards recognize a project excelling in quality desgin and use of concrete and were handed out for the fifth time this year. Design was in the hands of Arkis architects, EFLA consulting engineers and Verkis where as VHE was the contractor.


 steinsteypuv 2016

Representatives of all the companies that designed and built Snæfellsstofa- visitor center


EFLA's part consisted of all structural design, HVAC and plumbing, as well as fire safety design and risk management for the building. EFLA provided environmental consultation in regards to the BREEAM standard and supported sustainable design, by evaluating all major construction materials were according to BRE guidelines, „Green Guide". The visitor centre opened in June 2010 and is the first BREEAM certified building in Iceland.


The concrete prize was first awarded in 2010 to the project Footbridges in Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik, designed by EFLA and Studio Grandi.


Student awards

The Icelandic Concrete Association annually hands out student awards for recent thesis or research on concrete where the concrete is at least partially of Icelandic materials or meant for use in Icelandic conditions.


Two students were awarded this year, both with connections to EFLA. Anna Beta Gísladóttir, a construction engineer at EFLA, was awarded for her research on the use of Digital Image Correlation technique for concrete analysis and design. Guðmundur Úlfar Gíslason was awarded for his study on the use of Basalt fibre reinforcement in concrete but his study was conducted at EFLA's research lab under the supervision of Guðni Jónsson, construction engineer at EFLA.




Guðmundur Úlfar and Anna Beta , in the middle,

 recipients of the Student awards 2016


Picture of Snæfellsstofa: Arkis architects