Award for outstanding achievement in social responsibility

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EFLA has been granted an award for outstanding performance in social responsibility. Furthermore EFLA was also ranked among the top 0.25% of the strongest companies in Iceland for financial strength and stability, for the eight year in a row.

  • Social responsibility award
    From the event where EFLA received the social responsibility award.

Creditinfo carries out an annual detailed analysis, highlighting Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks for their strength and stability in the market place. Around 2% of publicly and privately owned companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory passed Credit Info's conditions for receiving the coveted award.

Award for social responsibility

Creditinfo also grants two respected awards for outstanding achievement in innovation and achievement in social responsibility. This year, EFLA received the award for social responsibility. The award is a great honor for EFLA and an important recognition of company's result since EFLA places high value on environmental and social responsibility in every aspect of its operation. As a part of this commitment, EFLA has joined the UN Global Compact and commits to the ten principles regarding human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. As well as being socially responsible, EFLA strives to be a consistent leader in the development of new environmentally friendly solutions in its consultation.

Selection committee argument

The Creditinfo committee argument for the choice of EFLA as an outstandingly socially responsible company is as follows:

  • Social responsibility is an integral part of the company's defined role and has therefore become a part of the company's business model, emphasizing environmentally friendly solutions in its operation.

  • EFLA is a leading consultant in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and in the calculation of both ecological and carbon footprints for products and services. 

  • Steps have been taken to speed up changes towards increased sustainability in all operations and services of the company, according to international standards, governance and conventions.

  • The company shows ambition and purposeful successful practices when it comes to environmental issues. The company has set short-term goals for 2020 and long-term goals for 2030 towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Despite an increase in indirect emissions of greenhouse gases between years, due to an increased volume of projects, the company has managed to reduce its direct emissions by 41% pr . employee.

  • In addition, EFLA has reached the status of being considered carbon-free.

  • The company's culture implements environmental thinking in all aspects of its operation and continually strives to do so. EFLA's offices have reduced the use of paper by 20% yearly and the total amount of unclassified waste at headquarters has decreased by 50% and the overall recycling rate has risen to 80%.

  • The company is influential in its community as it actively supports both research and innovation.

EFLA is very proud of its success and of being recognized both as an outstanding company as well as being awarded for social responsibility. We would like to thank our hardworking employees as well as our customers and partners for their excellent performance.