Agent for PLS training

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EFLA Consulting Engineers have been awarded the agency for the Power Line Systems (PLS) suite of software in the Nordic countries and Poland. 

  • Training courses at EFLA in PLS
    EFLA will provide technical support and training of new PLS software.


The PLS software such as PLS-Cadd, Tower, and PLS-Pole are industry-leading software for the design of overhead electric power transmission, distribution, and communication lines and their structures. As agents of PLS software, EFLA will provide technical support, training, and assistance with the purchase of new PLS software. The training courses will be targeted to both beginners and advanced users of the PLS software and can also be tailored to the user's specific requirements.

Available courses will be posted on the website and anyone interested in the training can register their e-mail address to our mailing list about available training. As soon as the training arrangement, dates and prices have been defined you will be the first to know. 

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PLS training at EFLAScreenshot from the PLS software showing the design of OHTL.