Acoustic design for Sigurrós


EFLA Consulting Engineers was recently involved with the construction of a new studio for the band Sigurrós. Specialists from EFLA's acoustics department designed the overall acoustics of the space. The band plans to use the 300 m2 space as its main work space. The studio is located in an old industrial building in Reykjavík.

As Sigurrós's music is quite diverse and in many ways unconventional, setting up the design specifications was a significant challenge for the acoustics of the space. Generally, ideal acoustics are dependent on the type of music being played in the space. The goal was to achieve acoustics that would suit the band's core sound but that were also neutral enough to be suitable for most kinds of contemporary music.

The design process began with the measurement of the acoustics of the building before any actions were undertaken regarding the sound in the space. A 3D computer model was set up for the space using special acoustics software that utilised the outcomes of the measurements. The design of the acoustics was then based on the model. Using such a model allows for the design of acoustics with a high degree of certainty regarding the outcome. There were five different types of sound traps designed, each with special attributes applicable to varying parts of the audible frequency spectrum. It is the interplay of these sound traps that determines the acoustics of the space. Suitable sound distribution was also ensured.

EFLA also provided advice on the sound insulation of the building, as there are other studios in the same building on the adjacent floor, so it was important to have excellent sound insulation between the spaces. To supplement the sound insulation, another sound insulating ceiling was designed and installed below the existing ceiling.

EFLA also supervised the construction of the renovation. After construction was completed, EFLA specialists measured the acoustics in the space, and the outcome of the measurements were very good and in accordance with EFLA's design. Users of the space have also praised the acoustics.

sigurros 1

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