A major project in Turkey


An agreement has been signed between RARIK Energy Development (RED) and EFLA Consulting Engineers with Turkish energy company Zorlu Enerji AS on harnessing geothermal energy close to the mountain Nemrut in Eastern Turkey. Zorlu is a powerful energy company with extensive operations. The company owns and operates inter alia the largest geothermal power plant in Turkey, which was recently expanded to 95 MWe.

In recent years, RARIK Turkison Enerji (RTE), a company owned by EFLA and RED, has worked on research in geothermal areas in Turkey that has confirmed that there is a significant chance that geothermal energy can be used for power generation at Nemrut and that a district heating can be developed. The involvement of Zorlu as the leading party strengthens the project and ensures ongoing research and development in the area.

A newly formed company, Nemrut Jeotermal Elektrik Üretimi AS (Nemrut Jeotermal), owned by Zorlu and RTE, will carry out further research in the area and subsequently drillings for a geothermal power plant designed to produce up to 100-150 MWe of electricity and provide hot water for a district heating. Locals have high expectations for the project and not least for the Icelanders' knowledge of the diverse uses of geothermal energy. Nemrut Jeotermal plans to embark on the construction of a power plant and a district heating in the area.

The construction activity in Turkey involves, among other things, the export of the Icelanders' specialized knowledge in the field of energy and the use of environmentally friendly energy resources. The companies will have a consulting role in the geothermal project and related agreements. The agreement of EFLA and RED with Zorlu strengthens the involvement of Icelandic know-how in the use of geothermal energy in Turkey which is an important future market in this area.


Reports about this project have been published on the news site Think Geoenergy


The top picture is taken in the headquarters of Zorlu in Zorlu Plaza in Istanbul last June after the memorandum of understanding had been concluded and agreements were being prepared.
Pictured are from left Sinan AK, CEO of Zorlu Enerji, J. Rúnar Magnússon (EFLA), Aygen Yayikoglu from Crescent Capital, our partner in Istanbul, Müjgan Ersa Önsoy, lawyer of Zorlu Enerji, and Steinar Friðgeirsson, managing director of RED

The picture below shows Steinar Fridgeirsson with Veysel Yurdakul, province governor of the Bitlis region and Bahadir Erdogan on the occasion of the filing of the application for power production in the Nemrut region in April 2013.

undirskrift tyrkland vefur

nemrut frett