A big transportation project in Norway completed


Solasplitten, which is a 4 kilometers long road in the Stavanger area in Norway was recently opened to traffic in a ceremonial manner. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) constructed this new road. Solasplitten has four driving lanes and it connects the international airport in Sola/Stavanger to the E39 freeway.
The road also makes it easier to travel from the airport to Forus, which is a big industrial area where many of the biggest technical and industrial companies in the oil industry are located. Forus has grown rapidly over the last few years and a lot of people work in this area and therefore it is of great importance that the transportation system throughout the neighbourhood is as efficient as possible.

The constructions of Solasplitten began in summer 2010 and the road was opened to traffic 18. December 2012. The total cost of the project was approximately 600M NOK.

EFLA has taken part in the project since 2009, when the design work began. EFLA supervised the designing of surface water drainage system and a run-off water system with sedimentation ponds for the whole route. Also EFLA administered the relocation of pipelines in the municipalities that needed to be repositioned because of the construction.
During the implementation stage EFLA has supervised regularisation of the design and overall management of any changes that have been made regarding the design.

Photo from the opening ceremony, Photographer Tore Bruland.
Photo of a bridge, Photographer Ole Harald Dale

solaspl Foto Ole Harald Dale


Solasplitten  Tore Bruland