95MW Búðarháls HEP almost complete


The 95MW Búðarháls HEP is located in the lower highlands of southern Iceland on the rivers Tungnaá and Kaldakvísl at Búðarháls in the Rangárvallasýsla County. The Project Area extends over the Búðarháls ridge between the river Kaldakvísl and the existing Sultartangi reservoir, some 150 km east of Reykjavík.

The Búðarháls HEP utilizes the head difference of approximately 40 metres between the Hrauneyjafoss HEP tailrace and the Sultartangi Reservoir. The energy generating capacity of the station is estimated at 585 GW/h annually.

The construction is now almost completed with the first unit up and running. The second unit is still being tested and will be ready in few weeks. A formal opening ceremony is planned in March.

Only minor work is unfinished and next summer the final clean-up and the final landscaping will be carried out and the project completed.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has been in charge of all civil design of the Búðarháls HEP and Landsnet´s Substation Building. EFLA Consulting Engineers has also been responsible for overseeing and coordinating all design, scheduling and cost estimating in both these projects.

budarhals 2014