News: 2016

Headline list

17.11.2016 : UN Global Compact Commitment

Samfélagssjóður EFLU

EFLA emphasis highly on environmental and social responsibility in every aspect of its operation and continually strives to do so. EFLA emphasizes on being in the lead with new environmental friendly solutions in its consultation.

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24.10.2016 : Footbridges and Paths for the Norwegian Roads Administration

Ullevaal stadion

EFLA has established itself in Norway in recent years and has been involved in numerous interesting projects. Among the projects for which EFLA has been responsible is the design of footbridges and pedestrian and cycling paths for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

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11.10.2016 : EFLA at the Arctic Circle 2016

EFLA in the arctic ráðstefna

EFLA organized a breakout session at the 2016 Arctic Circle: Sensitive Northern Destinations: Tourism Management and Tourist Dispersion.  In this breakout session, various aspects of these issues were discussed, case studies presented and possible options reviewed, with expert solution case studies from the US and Iceland.

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5.10.2016 : Traffic management system in tunnels in Faroe Islands


EFLA recently designed a new traffic management system in the Árnafjarðargöng tunnel (1.680 m/5.512 feet) and Hvannasundsgöng tunnel (2.120 m/6.955 feet) in Faroe Islands, but the two tunnels are almost joined to each other. The tunnels are in the island Borðey and connects Klaksvík to Árnafjörður and the two towns in the north, Hvannasund and Norðdepil. The tunnels are single-laned and are one of the first tunnels that were constructed in Faroe Islands in the sixties.

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19.9.2016 : EFLA wins two Darc Awards

Darc Awards vinner lysedesign

EFLA Consulting engineers was awarded first prize in the prestigeous international lighting design competition, the Darc Awards 2016. EFLA submitted the lighting design concept of the Langjökull glacier tunnel, „Into the glacier". 

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6.9.2016 : Risk management and safety signs at Reynisfjara

Skilti við Reynisfjöru

EFLA Engineers are specialists in risk management systems, risk assessments and safety plans for many tourist attractions and tour operators.

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30.8.2016 : EFLA's proposal in The Nordic Built Cities Challenge


The Nordic Built Cities Challenge is an open, multidisciplinary competition to develop solutions for Nordic urban challenges. It was launched in early 2015 and carried on until 2016. The overall aim of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge is to visualize and export innovative Nordic solutions for smart, liveable and sustainable cities.

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5.8.2016 : New Silicon Metal Plant at Bakki

Silisiumfabrikken pa Bakki

The new Silicon Metal Production Plant at Bakki, near Húsavík in Northeast Iceland, is currently under construction. The plant will be operated by PCC Bakki Silicon and will be one of the world's most advanced and environmentally compatible silicon metal production plants.

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14.7.2016 : EFLA shortlisted for the Darc Awards 2016

Langjökull, into the glacier

A lighting design project by EFLA Consulting Engineers has been shortlisted for the 2016 Darc Awards. The project was the lighting design in the Langjökull ice cave tunnel. A few hundred international lighting design projects entered the The Darc Awards this year and EFLA's project was one of the 88 finalists.
We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to the vote´s final result that will be presented on September 15th 2016.

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11.7.2016 : Icelandic Visitors Centre receives BREEAM certification

Snaefellsstofa - BREEAM

Icelandic Visitors Centre, Snæfellsstofa in Vatnajökull national park, is the first new construction in Iceland to receive both BREEAM sustainability certificate for design and post construction stage.

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21.6.2016 : The Icelandic Lighting Award to EFLA

Lýsingarhönnun brúar í Kópavogi

EFLA Engineering received the Icelandic Lighting Award 2015 for the lighting design of Fífuhvammsvegur bridge at in Kópavogur. The bridge connects the shopping mall, Smáralind, with commercial- and office tower at Smáratorg. The bridge was designed by Arkís architects who were also involved in the lighting design.

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