100 MW natural gas power plant


100 MW natural gas power plant at Ubungo Dar es Salaam built for Tanesco (Tanzanian Electric Supply Company) Tanzania.


Last autumn, two employees from Verkfræðistofa Suðurlands (which is a part of EFLA consulting engineers) went to work at the Ubungo in Tanzania as a civil supervisors at the site. When they arrived the project grew even bigger, it was apparent that the design of the plant had to be amended and detail drawings were missing. So our employees made new design for the switch yard and have issued more than 100 drawings.

The second turbine is starting for the first time in May. The contract with Jacobsen Elektro AS is expiring after effective time together. Now it is not long before they can start to feed the power-hungry national power grid in Tanzania. Today the total production of electricity in Tanzania is around 750 MW so an addition of 100 MW will be welcome.