Design of Transmission and Distribution Lines using advanced features in PLS-CADD

PLS-CADD is the industry standard in overhead power line design and drafting software.  

Design of Overhead Powerlines using PLS-CADD

PLS-CADD is the industry standard in overhead power line design and drafting software. 

This course takes place in Oslo - Norway. 


PLS, Power Line systems, Online course, Courses

As an official agency for the Power Line Systems (PLS) suite software EFLA offers a variety of training courses, technical support and assistance with PLS software.  

Underground cables

EFLA offers comprehensive consulting for concept design, detailed design, and execution of underground cable projects at all voltage levels. Our engineer's knowledge and experience has been developed over many years; undertaking cable network projects in variable and often demanding environmental circumstances. 


EFLA has over 30 years of experience in planning and design of transmission and distribution substations. EFLA's specialists also provide comprehensive related consultancy such as power system analysis, reliability assessments, and assessment of environmental factors.

​Maintenance management

Machine, Productivity, Database creation

Most medium-sized and large companies insist on efficient use of machines and equipment to ensure maximum productivity in their use. This can be accomplished with maintenance management which involves an accessible overview of assets, maintenance schedules and standardized work orders - all this in a paperless environment.


UAV, UAS, Unmanned system, Drone, Remote sensing

Aerial inspection and monitoring using an unmanned aerial system (UAS), or so-called drones, is a new way of carrying out infrastructure inspections, mapping projects and do condition assessments. 

EFLA's drone services offer actionable data in a safe, precise and economical way.

​Power system planning and analysis

PSS/EP, SL-CAD, CEDEGS from SEStech, ATM-EMTP, Load flow, Short circuit, Dynamic simulation, Q-V studies, Least cost planning, Stability analysis, Power transmission system, Electrical power

Power transmission systems are complicated systems that must safely transmit electrical power. They must be reliable and in continuous operation. Advise in the field of power systems requires specialization and experience, which EFLA's consulting engineers have.

​Food industry

With their demanding requirements for ergonomics, a high level of automation, strict compliance with stringent health and hygiene regulations, food processing plants present a unique series of engineering challenges.

Drafting and BIM coordination

Operating in accordance with the company’s stringent quality control systems, EFLA’s drafting team engages in a wide range of projects for almost all other service divisions, ranging from bridges and buildings to power plants and reduction plants.

Lighting design

EFLA joined forces with Scotland based lighting design studio KSLD in November 2018. KSLD was established in 1989 and has built a strong reputation over the last three decades in a wide range of areas. Together, we have an extensive portfolio of award-winning, international lighting design projects.

​Security design

EFLA provides extensive consultation in the field of security design. Security design covers the fundamental principles of security control. Those include, but are not limited to, safety risk assessments, determining safety control levels and access controls, and performing comprehensive security audits for assets and services

​Fire and safety engineering

By their nature, fire safety design and risk management require a delicate balance between client needs and the stringent demands of local codes, legislation and the types of construction materials chosen.

EFLA provides integrated comprehensive services for all levels of risk analysis and management relating to risk to people, assets and services.

Risk management

ISO 31000, Project risk management, opportunity assessment, Risk analyses, vulnerability assessments, transportation infrastructure. Work environment, job safety, Security risk, safety control systems, ISO 18001, Fire risk, ISO 14001

As risk management experts in projects and organizations, EFLA sets up a well-functioning risk management framework and helps implement it at every level. This is done by a structured and continuous process that can be applied in projects as well as in ongoing operations. 


Regional land use plans, Master plans, Local plan, Neighbourhood plan, Conservation plan, Housing plan for municipalities, Safety in planning, Designing of public places, green areas, areas along roads, parking areas, Tourism place planning

EFLA provides services in land use planning and strategic environmental assessment, for municipalities and developers.

EFLA aids with the preparation of master, local and framework plans, conservation and solid waste management plans, and transportation.

Waste management and recycling

Economical analysis, Technical analysis, Environmental analysis, Feasibility of waste treatment and recycling, Site selection and design of modern landfills, Landfills, Operational phase, Gas emissions

In today's world, a constant flow of recyclables and waste materials comes from homes, companies and institutions. Both modern society and legislation call for waste reduction and increased recycling. 

EFLA offers an detailed analysis of economical, technical and environmental feasibility of the various methods of waste treatment and recycling.

Occupational health and safety

Risk assessment for machinery and equipment, Risk assessment for chemical and the use of hazardous substances, Risk assessment for environmental factors

According to Icelandic law, employers are responsible for making a written plan for the workplace, based on risk assessment for occupational safety and health.

LCA, carbon footprinting and GHG reporting

Life Cycle Assesment, Ecological, Carbon footprint, Sustainability reporting, Greenhouse gas reporting, Emissions accounting and revision, Complete or simplified, Carbon footprint calculations, Preparation of Environmental, Product Declarations (EPD)

EFLA is a leading consultant in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and in the calculation of both ecological and carbon footprints for products and services. 

EFLA's experts have established experience in a wide array of LCA projects within different sectors, including the building, energy, transport, industry, food, fisheries and waste sectors.

Health, safety and environmental management (HSE)​

Environmental management, Occupational health and safety risk assessment, Occupational health and safety management, Implementation of integrated certified environmental management, ISO 140, OHSAS 18001, Safety risk assesment, Safety management

Companies are responsible for their own environmental impact as well as the health and safety of their employees. Companies that work systematically towards environmental, health and safety management can create a stronger image among employees, stakeholders and the public, as well as achieving financial benefits for the companies.

​Geographical information systems (GIS) and geodesy

GIS, Geodesy, Spatial datasets, Remote sensing, Data acquisition, Aerila imagery, Building data sets, Data analysis, 3D visualization, Map product, Mapping, Interactive products,

Harnessing the latest in geographical information systems (GIS) technology, EFLA provides expert consultancy in all aspects of GIS and geodesy, providing grids, maps and coordinates both for clients and other divisions of the company.

​Aluminium and heavy industries

When designing control systems for the aluminium and other heavy industries, personal safety is often thought to be the most important aspect of the control system design.

However, the safety of the control system cannot minimize the performance. EFLA always works closely with its customers to analyse the control system during the design phase to ensure the right balance between safety and performance.

​Fibre optic systems

EFLA has provided telecommunications companies, power companies, municipalities, etc. services in the field of fibre optic systems and related projects.

EFLA has participated in fibre optic projects, large and small, all over Iceland in recent years.

Fish industry

EFLA has provided engineering, technical and consulting services to the Icelandic fishing industry for decades. The company has provided specialized solutions to the fisheries and pisciculture in Iceland that are in line with technological developments.

Mechanical process unit design

In mechanical process unit design, EFLA's services range from consultation and benchmarking to unit design and best practice solutions for the industrial environment, to maintaining sustainability and curtailing climate change.

Energy forecasts

Forecast committee, Electricity forecast, Geothermal forecast, Fossil fuels

The Energy Forecast Committee has for decades prepared energy forecasts for all main energy sources used in Iceland such as electricity, geothermal and fossil fuels.

Traffic noise and acoustics​

Air sound, Noise, Indoor sound, outdoor sound, noise level, Room acoustics, reverberation time, sound insulation, Noise measurements, noise sources, Distribution of sound, Noise map, SoundPlan

EFLA has used the software SoundPLAN since 1999 to map noise levels. The software allows model construction of noise sources and distribution of sound, to create noise maps and cross-sections with or without mitigation measures.

​3-D visualization and virtual reality

3-D visualization and virtual reality are a great way to simplify communication and connect with customers.

​Building management systems

Buildings of all types and sizes require an efficient management system that facilitates smooth operation and efficiency in daily use. 

The needs can vary considerably from one facility to another, depending on whether the focus is on environmental control, access or security systems.

Automation and control systems​

Industrial control, Automation solutions

EFLA can offer broad service in the field of industrial control systems and automation solutions for various industries, including the aluminium, power plants, manufacturing and utilities industries.

Maintenance and refurbishment consultation

Renovation, Preservation, Facility consultation, Maintenance consultation, Property monitoring, Bids, Contract

Facility and maintenance consultation is a major part of EFLA's work. High importance is placed on renovation and preservation of cultural value of older buildings and structures.

​Data and telecommunications

Telecommunicate, Electrical system, Computer system, Operational equipment

Telecommunications form the basis of all operational equipment to ensure that computer systems are of maximum benefit to the users. Specialised electrical systems are increasingly becoming a larger part of construction projects.

​Environmental monitoring

Water analysis, Municipal sewage, Sewage, Air quality, Mostuire and mould, Gas measurements, Pollution in soil, Chemical analyses, Discharge water, Water pollution, Cooling water, Soil analyses, Gas measurements, Indoor air, Manufacturing companies

EFLA laboratory conducts comprehensive monitoring measurements and analyses on water, e.g. in effluent from food industry, cooling and discharge water from industry and municipal sewage. 

We also perform analyses on air quality, moisture and mould in buildings, gas measurements from landfills and pollution and nutrients in soil.

​Electrical and street lighting systems

Street lighting, Walkways lighting, Lighting on bridges, Lighting in tunnels, Lighting in underpasses, Effect lighting of buildings and structures, Lighting design, Architecture lighting, Light

EFLA has been involved in various design of street lighting systems, including for walkways, highways, bridges, underpasses, tunnels and more. 

EFLA has designed and supervised new street lighting systems, as well as strengthened existing systems in various conditions.

​Traffic safety

Car traffic, Foot traffic, Bicycle traffic, Public transport, Safety, Intersections, High way, Highway, Roads, Road users, Transport, Traffic

The importance of traffic safety has risen in recent years, and today, the accepted view is that everyone is entitled to safety whether travelling by car, foot, bicycle or public transport. 

EFLA places strong emphasis on traffic safety in all transportation projects and offers various road safety services.

Roads and streets​

Landscape design, Interdisciplinary, Planning safety, Road, Street, Pavement, Concrete, Transportation

Interdisciplinary engineering is a natural part of most tasks in pavement engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to have employees with various academic backgrounds and experience that together achieve good overall solutions.

Public transport​

Pedestrians, cyclist, rural area, urban area, Transit station, Travel

EFLA focuses on making public transport safer and more effective, as is crystallized in the company's public transport design and solutions. 

These measures contribute to increased use of public transport, but that mode of transportation is known to have a positive impact on social and environmental factors.

​Indoor air quality consultation and building health assessment

Consultation regarding indoor air quality is relevant for design of new buildings and for improvement in buildings already in use.

Wind energy

EFLA's Wind Energy team offers a comprehensive one-stop range service in evaluating wind energy, from the feasibility assessment, to construction, grid connection and operation.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal Energy is one of the most reliable sustainable and renewable energy source available today. The knowledge on utilization of geothermal energy for both electrical production as well as district heating, and other direct usage has been building up rapidly in Iceland and abroad for the last decades. 

EFLA is one of the world's few engineering consulting firms with decades of experience in harnessing this rapidly emerging but technologically demanding energy source.

Transmission lines

EFLA has decades of experience in the design of aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective transmission lines gained while working on projects in over 20 countries. EFLA's specialists provide comprehensive consultancy in the field of the transmission line design.

​Plumbing and HVAC

EFLA strives to contribute to a clean and healthy environment in buildings, improving the performance and health of the building users. 

Cycling infrastructure

Audits, inspections, cyclists, Planning of cycling infrastructure, cycling networks, Bicycles policy, Bicycle parking, Cycle location, Cycle path, Foot path

With significant increase in bicycle traffic, cyclists need to be separated from other road users, both vehicles and pedestrians. Infrastructure that provides a full-service solution for cyclists must be safe for all road users.

​Acoustics and noise control

EFLA's acoustics and noise control team offers a wide selection of consulting services, including the acoustic design of new buildings and refurbishment of those already in use, internal and external noise measurements. 

INSTA 800:2010 Certified supervision

INSTA 800:2010 Certified supervision – Cleaning quality is a measuring system for assessment and ration of cleaning quality.

INSTA is a Nordic cleaning standard where the quality is measured in standardized inspections. 


Large-scale in nature and often sensitive in terms of both environment and public opinion, energy and utilities projects require sensitive handling, presentation and implementation. EFLA has four-decades-experience in the energy sector, in some of the world's most ecologically sensitive and physically challenging settings. This has provided the company with highly specialised skills that place it at the forefront of power distribution systems and utilizing renewable energy resources.


EFLA's industry team has completed high-profile projects in regions and countries all over the world. EFLA's experts have provided consulting, design and other engineering services for heavy industry and electrical systems in global markets and widely differing environments, often undertaken in challenging conditions.


EFLA offers a comprehensive one-stop range service in design of hydropower projects, from the initial feasibility assessment, to commissioning and operation. 

Electrical and technical systems

The rapid development of smart building technology has resulted in electrical systems accounting for increasingly larger proportions of project budgets. In turn, this has created a pressing need among engineers to achieve a balance between technological innovation and financial practicality while maintaining creativity.

Environmental engineering

Environment, Urban planning, Regional planning, Geotechnics

EFLA is proud of its reliable and professional advice in all fields of environmental engineering. EFLA's experts work above and under ground level, in urban and regional planning, in nature conservation and in geotechnics and geology.

Wind energy

Power transmission systems

Power system planning and analysis


Geothermal energy

Energy forecasts


Mecanical process unit design

Food industry

Fish industry

Building management system

Automation and control system

Aluminium and heavy industries

Plumbing and HVAC design

Maintenance and refurbishment consultation

Fire and safety engineering

Drafting and BIM

Air quality consultation and building health assessment

Acoustics and noise control

Electrical and technical system

Sustainable design and certification of buildings

BREEAM, Sustainable design, Sustainable assessment, Environmental impact, Health indoor environment, BREEM, Sustainability

The aim of sustainable design and assessment is to reduce environmental impacts of the built environment, create a more productive and healthy indoor environment and lower maintenance demand.

EFLA employs licenced BREEAM assessors and BREEAM accredited professionals who provide consultancy on sustainability assessments and certifications.


Feasibility studies, Conceptual design, Preliminary design, Detailed design, Tendering and contract, Supervision, Operation and maintenance, Independent checking, Hydro tunnel, Underwater tunnel, Mountain tunnel,

Tunnels are extensive projects, where coordination is the key to get the best technical solutions. EFLA has been involved in various designs of tunnels, including hydro tunnels for hydropower plants to road tunnels, underwater tunnels and others that go through mountains, through hard rock or through demanding geological conditions.

Transportation planning and analysis

Organizing traffic, Car, Cars, Pedestrian, cyclists, Parking spaces, Structuring area, Internal traffic, Traffic, Industrial traffic, Path way, Car park, Carpark, Garage parking

In transportation planning, EFLA has worked on everything from small to large projects, to organize traffic of cars, pedestrians and cyclists. 

When planning and structuring areas for public transport, parking spaces, internal traffic and access control must be considered.

Traffic safety

Traffic noise and acoustics

Roads and streets

Risk analysis

Public transport

Geotechnical engineering

Foundations, Investigation, Feasability study, Site selection, Geo Design, Rock mechanics, Tunnel design, Construction supervision, Aggregate research, Geotechnical design, Underground cables, Avalanches and rock falls

Sound foundations are essential to almost any construction. 

EFLA provides a first-class services in this specialised field no matter the scale or complexity of the project. 

Ports and Coasts

Feasibility and environmental studies, Conceptual port planning, Coastal engineering. Dredging, land reclamation, Project tendering, Construction supervision, Infrastructure, Sea, Harbor

Ports are pivotal nodes in the global multimodal transport system, and function as logistics centers for the flow of containers, cargo, and passengers. They are favorite locations for value-added activities wherein industries operate. Ports have prominent status in the supply chain and economy of countries.

Electrical and street lighting systems

Cycling infrastructure


Road bridges, Footbridges, Concept design, Preliminary design, Bridge projects, bridge structures, bridge strengthening, bridge maintenance, guardrails, paved surfaces, corrosion protection, Vibration control, structural damping, Bridge inspection

EFLA has worked on several new steel and concrete bridges for the Norwegian and Icelandic Road Administrations as well as Icelandic municipalities over the last few years. Some of these bridges are currently under construction. 

Shared experience from Iceland and Norway has enhanced the working procedures of the EFLA bridge group and the team members are active in international collaboration and development of analysis tools.

Waste management and recycling


Occupational health and safety

LCA, carbon footprinting and GHG reporting

Health, safety and evironmental management

GIS and Geodesy

Environmental monitoring

​Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and approvals

EIA's EIAS, Screening, Environmental impact assessment, Preparing environmental statements, Environmental support, Environmental management

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a legally required process which aims to ensure systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of development projects. Well managed EIA can reduce the developer's risk and enhance his or her reputation.

Project planning

EFLA works closely with investors, entrepreneurs and others in evaluating and planning building projects. 

Construction management

Structures such as buildings, roads, airports, bridges etc., need management and careful planning when building, modifying or maintaining. 

Engineering management

As EFLA by itself is a large engineering company with many engineering fields we are experienced in managing complicated projects covering many engineering disciplines. 

Water and wastewater

Water wells, Water distribution, Collective systems, Renewal, Pumping stations, Storage tanks, Pipe systems, Stormwater solutions, Tourist industry in remote locations, Dry toilets, Sewage pumping stations, Sewerege, Treatment plants, Sewerage, Freshwater

Reliable water and wastewater infrastructure is essential for modern society. 

EFLA is a leading consultant in all aspects of both freshwater and wastewater.

Project managers

EFLA's project management team covers all kinds of projects from countless fields and areas. EFLA's  project managers provide the service of planning and managing projects of all sizes in the field of engineering for construction projects, industrial projects, infrastructure and other required projects. 



Transportation is one of the fastest-growing — and most visible — sectors in engineering and technology today, resulting in ever-increasing traffic volumes and rapid global urbanisation, placing more pressure on planners.

Structural engineering, analysis and design

Extensive experience in construction has provided EFLA with comprehensive expertise in the analysis and design of structures, ranging from apartment buildings and other domestic dwellings to large-scale commercial and industrial buildings.


Spanning everything from film sets and exhibition centres to the most complex commercial and dwelling structural systems, the modern building engineering sector calls for effective, economic and flexible solutions in every feature of its operations.

EPC | EPCM | IPT contracts

EFLA has a flexible approach to contract forms and focuses on the client's needs. 




Wearing course. Run- and taxiways, Aprons, Service roads, Airport ground, Apron lighting, Security and access control systems, Surveillance camera systems, Telecommunications, Structural design, Parking lots, Aerodrome, Asphalt concrete, Runway

EFLA takes part in aerodrome designs, gives environmental impact advice, monitors the condition of the wearing courses (asphalt concrete), supervises installations of asphalt concrete on runways and consults on sound and noise distribution for aerodromes.

Environmental legal compliance

Environmental legal requirements, Environmental legal compliance audit, Environmental due diligence audits, Due diligence, Environmental law, Environment compliance, Environmental performance

One cornerstone of ISO 14001 environmental management system is compliance to environmental laws and other requirements. Environmental compliance audits help organizations to achieve relevant requirements as well as to improve their pollution prevention performance.

EFLA's environmental specialists can conduct environmental compliance audits for organizations to point out its environmental performance. 


Environmental consultancy, Environmental sciences, Environmental planning

EFLA's environmental consultancy in Iceland and abroad covers everything from occupational safety to protection from natural disasters. Decades of front-line experience in management and implementation of projects in environmentally sensitive and geologically unstable areas, provide EFLA with high level specialists to address demanding issues with efficient, practical and cost-effective means.