EFLA Engineering has engaged in Fire safety design and safety since 1997and a special Fire & Security Division is operated in the company.
Among the project areas are consulting, risk analysis and security design in a broad sense. EFLA Engineering is working on technical analysis in Iceland and abroad.

Examples of advice and projects in the Fire & Security Division is analysis of explosives storage and transportation of explosives, danger of explosion in industrial and electrical transformers, analysis of the risk of vandalism and analysis of fireworks stores.


Explosive Technical design
Explosive Technical analysis is used in conjunction with planning, design and improvement of facilities when investigating is needed and improves the ability of structures to resist explosions. The goal may be to increase the endurance of buildings and businesses or security of people. It can be a part of a broader security plan for the building or the surrounding area. Technical data for explosion can be a source of information for fire and rescue teams to be able to respond appropriately at risk of explosion.

Figure 1 shows effects of explosions as a function of time, a time scale of a few milliseconds.

Figure 2 shows an example of how features of buildings direct the effects of explosions, depending on whether the building will impact on itself or distributes it away.


Examples of design
EFLA Engineering has carried out calculations for the most explosive storage facilities in Iceland, and performed calculations and risk analysis for the transportation of explosives. Figure 3 shows examples of the effects of explosions in transport of explosives.

There are plans to rebuild the Slussen area in central Stockholm, where the idea is to build or extend the tunnels and build houses on top. EFLA Engineering has the task of making an extensive analysis for the transport of explosives via these tunnels.
Figure 4 shows the proposed structure and in Figure 5 shows a model with an analysis of the effects of explosions on surrounding structures.

Explosive Technical analysis in industry can provide important information on the risks to employees and activities. Such analysis are often a part of a larger risk assessment for facilities and activities, taking into consideration a variety of risks posed by the activities.
Figure 6 shows an example for explosion detection technology for a power transformer and pressure waves generated in the space around it. The analysis was used to evaluate and design the necessary control to reduce the effect of explosions on nearby activities.