Risk management
and safety signs
at Reynisfjara

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EFLA Engineers are specialists in risk management systems, risk assessments and safety plans for many tourist attractions and tour operators. The goal is to find the best ways to ensure safety but without too many restrictions that could reduce the experience of the guest. Among EFLA's projects are Langjökull Ice Cave, Vatnshellir, Helgustaðanáma, Gullfoss, Kárastaðastígur and Þingvellir National Park.


Risk management and new symbol at Reynisfjara


EFLA's latest project is risk management at Reynisfjara, the 'black beach'. The project is headed by the Ministry of Industries and Innovations and conducted in co-operation with the local police and landowners. The first step of the project was to design signs that interpret the unique dangers of Reynisfjara, plus marking paths for directing pedestrians. A new symbol was created to describe sneaker waves, the symbol is based on international standards but with the Icelandic warning sign colors. Another first is that DANGER is also written in Chinese on the sign, which caters to the increasing number of Chinese tourists in Iceland.

More signs are in the making for Reynisfjara, which will describe the unique conditions and why people should be careful when visiting the beach. Also work is ongoing on other preventative measures for risk mitigation. This work is a case study for work that is ongoing to design a uniform look for the safety signs of Icelandic tourist attractions and to improve the selection of safety symbols for Icelandic conditions.


Safety audits of infrastructure in tourist attraction


EFLA has also done safety audits of infrastructures in tourist attractions, such as parking lots, paths, directions, signs, observation decks, fences, steps, and the geological conditions in relation to falling stones or cliff falls. The assessment is compiled on the basis of the analysis of current situation, recommendations for improvements, risk factors, risk level and plan of action.


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Safety symbol at Reynisfjara

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Reynisfjara is a popular tourist attraction 

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Reynisfjara, the Black Beach