Power Central

Over 30 years‘ experience of designing and constructing high voltage transmission systems in some of the world‘s toughest conditions have made EFLA a recognised leader in the field.


EFLA offers clients over 30 years’ experience and in the design and construction of high voltage transmission systems in some of the world’s most extreme terrain and climatic conditions.

Recognised internationally as a specialist in operating in harsh conditions, EFLA has played a key role in a number of projects in Iceland and Greenland, Norway, Sweden and in Canada.


To facilitate these operations, EFLA operates a specialist cross-disciplinary team civil and environmental engineers and geoscientists. Together, they produce solutions ranging from needs assessment, system planning, equipment specification and operational consultation, to environmental impact assessment, community presentation, regulatory procedures, nature and wildlife preservation, and other specialist skills.


Extensive experience of power transmission projects has resulted in EFLA developing its own software. These include VUE, which presents a quantified measure of the visibility of power transmission lines in the environment, ICEtow, used for conducting line calculations, and MoDeSt, which is used in the modular design of steel lattice towers.