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EFLA has prepared a new electricity forecast for Iceland The Icelandic Energy Forecasts Committee has released a new forecast of electricity consumption in the country until 2050. Estimated consumption
jol 2015
The staff of EFLA Consulting Engineers sends you warm season's greetings from Iceland, with best wishes of peace and prosperity in the year 2016.Opening hours during the holiday season is following:23.
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EFLA is among participants in an innovation challenge hosted by the five Nordic capital municipalities and Nordic Innovation Center, which is an institution working to promote cross-border trade and
Elin Adda Steinarsdóttir, a mechanical engineer at EFLA, recently received an internationally recognized certification as CMSE®- Certified Machinery Safety Expert, after attending a seminar held by Pilz
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EFLA signs a declaration on climate issues EFLA engineers is among 103 Icelandic companies, institutions and municipalities that have signed a declaration on climate issues. EFLA wants to drive and encourage
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Traveling Sun is an art project by Norwegian artists Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini. The project involves the travels of the sculpture SUN throughout the North. The SUN has travelled over 9,000 km around
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The Arctic Circle assembly is held for the third time in Harpa Reykjavík from 16-18 of October. The Arctic Circle is where nonprofit and nonpartisan. organizations, forums, think tanks, corporations
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Because of European Transport Week in Kópavogur, the decorative lights on the bridge over Fífuhvammsvegur by Smáralind were turned on. EFLA's lighting designers were hired to design the lighting in
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EFLA Consulting Engineers was recently involved with the construction of a new studio for the band Sigurrós. Specialists from EFLA's acoustics department designed the overall acoustics of the space. The
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EFLA is designing a new major vessel port in Qeqertat in Nuuk, Greenland as a turnkey project with Danish contractor Per Aarsleff for Sikuki A/S. The total project involves enlarging the harbour and harbour
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Two automatic weather stations were recently installed in Finnafjörður. Their installation is part of research work carried out to investigate the feasibility of building a major vessel port in the fjord.
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EFLA has recently been involved in the design of sightseeing and walking platforms at popular tourist destinations throughout the country, in collaboration with the architect firms Arkís Architects,
EFLA Consulting Engineers and the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) have signed a cooperation agreement on a project related to geothermal exploration in Kenya. The project involves
Into the Glacier, Europe's largest man-made ice caves and tunnel is now officially open. Set high on Europe's second largest ice cap Langjökull (2hrs from Reykjavík), stretching 550 m into solid glacier
Icelandic EFLA and Crescent Capital to cooperate on geothermal development in Turkey.   With the country considered to be among the top ten countries with geothermal resources in the world, there
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EFLA has been involved in the preparations for an ice tunnel in Langjökull glacier since 2010. During the first stages of the project, the focus was on whether the idea for such a large tunnel high up
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  This fine group of MBA students from CASS Business school in London, stayed with us this week for a live case study. The project is a part of an International Consultancy Week, to provide participants
On Saturday 28 March, an exhibition will be opened in the City History Museum called Settlement Stories - Inheritance in Words. For display at the exhibition are many centuries' old manuscripts that trace
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Creditinfo performs an annual assessment of the financial strength and stability of the country's companies and subsequently compiles a list of those companies that pass the strict quality assessment based
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A three-year European project which EFLA was involved in has just been completed. The project, Harmonised Environmental Sustainability in the European food and drink chain or SENSE, was funded by the 7th